Create a Wallpaper App with Andromo

Ever wondered how to create a wallpaper app? Well look no further. Create an app without writing a single line of code with Andromo.

Millions of smartphone users in the world use wallpapers to spruce up their phones by adding a bit of personality and color to a phone.

Mobile wallpaper apps share beautiful images and patterns and generate additional revenue for their creators. 

Wallpapers come with a distinctive color scheme or image. Wallpapers can incorporate motivating quotes, witty text, or fun and playful Gifs. 

You can learn more on how to create an innovative and attractive wallpaper app using Andromo app builder.

Why Create a Wallpaper App?

On average, people spend between 3 to 4 hours each day on the phone. And even on a busy day, people pick up the phone up 58 times (more if they are bored or uncomfortable). 

Given how much time people spend on the phone, wouldn’t it be nice to see something good every time it lights up?

Creating a wallpaper app with Andromo gives thousands of people access to great images and generates extra money. 

Creating a wallpaper app can help people:

  1. Customize phones. Wallpaper can reflect personality and highlights people’s interests. 
  2. Improve Mood and productivity. Most people set wallpapers with motivational text to provide an extra push. It could be simple text such as “Keep going” or “Dream big”. 
  3. Disconnect from everyday life. A lot of people use wallpapers based off of fantasy. Create a wallpaper app based on imaginary places, animals, or book characters.  
  4. App monetization. Andromo provides several ways to make money off an app (more on this later). 

How to Create a Wallpaper Application with Mobile App Builder.

Andromo creates apps for both Android and IOS without coding. How to create an android wallpaper app without coding. Follow these easy steps. 

  1. Choose a layout that fits the app requirements. Customize it by including a company logo and choosing a matching brand color. 
  2. Create wallpaper app categories such as technology, cars, animals, nature, etc. 
  3. Drag and drop additional features such as a back and home button. 
  4. Go live on chosen app stores. 

Watch this video demonstration on how to make an app on our platform without coding.

Benefits of Andromo App Builder.

Andromo wallpaper app builder has several features that make app creation easy and fun. It allows app creators to:

    1. Select through several wallpaper settings
    2. Customize the font, color, text, and background on the app
  • Make a wallpaper with your name.
  1. Create wallpaper categories with multiple images and impressive layouts. 
  2. Create live wallpapers by adding moving items
  3. Customize transition time and transition effect.

Types of Wallpaper App Andromo Allows You To Create. 

Creating a wallpaper app is all about fun and inspiration. Create different categories of wallpapers for a variety of audiences. All it takes is a bit of imagination. 

Below are a few wallpaper ideas to explore. 

  • Natural landscapes – Natural landscapes relax people while keeping other areas of their brains engaged. 
  • Tech images – Tech images are very popular with tech enthusiasts. They give a phone a modern futuristic look. 
  • Fantasy wallpaper- Pictures of fantasy animals or places such as castles are very popular. Plus they help people disengage from everyday life. 
  • Motivational quotes – Words work. A lot of people use their wallpapers as a daily mantra. Consider adding inspirational and motivational quotes to beautiful backgrounds. 
  • Calming Colors. Colors have a profound effect on mood. The right color will bring instant relaxation and calm. 

Sometimes people use their wallpapers as visual representations of their goals. So remember to provide a wide range of images, from holidays to popular purchases and dream homes. 

Why use Andromo App Builder?

There are several app-building websites and developers out there. Unfortunately, most of them cost too much and may not match the overall vision. So why pick Andromo wallpaper-making app? Simple.

  • No coding experience is required. Andromo creates apps without using a single line of code. No need to hire programmers.
  • Easy to use, intuitive interface. It includes a drag and drop feature, duplication feature, and several editing tools. 
  • Up-to-date customization tools. Make a wallpaper with your name. And also customize the app to match the company’s brand. Include a logo and choose the right color from an impressive color pallet
  • Visibility. Make a wallpaper app and publish it on all major app stores. 
  • Reliable platform. Andromo has launched over 800,000 apps on Google Playstore. There are also over 1.1million people using Andromo apps. 

Monetization: Create a Wallpaper App with Andromo.

Andromo believes that creativity deserves a reward. It has introduced a competitive monetization program for all wallpaper apps. 

Consider monetizing the app through the use of Interstitial ads. These are interactive ads that cover the interface of the photo wallpaper app.

They are placed between app content or natural transition points. App users can either click on the ad to proceed or close the app and return to the app. 

Interstitial ads allow app builders to give apps for free and make money through advertising. Learn how interstitial ads work and learn more about app monetization.

Tips: Creating a Successful Wallpaper App

Andromo wallpaper-making app is easy to use. Consider using these tips to make an app successful and competitive.

Find a niche. 

Trying to build an app that appeals to everybody can be overwhelming. Andromo recommends narrowing down to a particular niche area. You could create a wallpaper app for kids or teeneagers and include multiple categories of images that would appeal to them. Try categories such as cars, animals, or landscapes.

The great thing about using Andromo is that app builders can create as many apps as possible. So feel free to focus on one group at a time. 

Make a keyword-rich description. 

Using the right keywords can make an app very popular. The keywords used on the name and description of the app determine whether it will be easy to find during a search. 

Remember, people often rely on specific keyword phrases when making a search. So focus on that. 

Make a Creative and Understandable Title

Help people to remember your app’s name and know what it’s about. Avoid using obscure names on the app. Additionally, include a brief description to the title like “Landscape wallpapers”.

If the app name is “Fulu”, adding an extra phrase such as “Fulu- landscape wallpapers”, makes the name clearer. 

Choose an good Icon

A memorable, interesting icon can influence the number of clicks on the app. Select an image your users can remember easily. Try using a company logo if one exists.

Promote your app

Once the process of creating a wallpaper app is complete, it’s time to degenerate downloads. Consider telling friends about it, posting it on a website and even sharing it on social media.

The more visibility the app gets the more downloads and reviews it will receive. 

Create a Wallpaper App with Andromo

Create a photo wallpaper app with Andromoand encourages users to download images regularly.

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