Application Templates

Application Templates

Child applications are in high demand, for example, a video application designed just for children. By 2020, the YouTube Kids application, which intends to provide children with a more confined environment filled with family-friendly videos on various themes, had received over 111.3 million downloads. Andromo android and iPhone application maker for a child makes it easy to build excellent applications for children to use. It’s easy to design and integrates interactive games and other entertaining content with its simple interface.

 Andromo Kids App Builder is a platform that helps non-programmers to build child iOS and Android applications. Easy to bring paper prototypes to life in minutes. Creators can instantly monetize their applications by publishing them on Appstore and play store. Andromo is a collection of scripts and tools that help creators build children’s mobile applications without coding knowledge! This way, creators can focus on the application and leave the coding to others.

Join the dynamic app market using Andromo application templates

According to Statista research, in 2021, there are nearly 2 million apps in App Store and nearly 3 million apps in Google Play.  All of them are accumulating an industry valued at $693 billion in 2021. In this flourishing industry, the opportunities are endless. 

Many users have a million-dollar app idea but feel helpless due to the lack of coding ability. That’s when Andromo appears as the ultimate solution. Andromo is a drag and drop app builder with an intuitive interface for non-coders. What’s more, the platform provides users with a wide range of application templates that allows users to get on a project quickly and efficiently.

Best benefits of Application Templates from Andromo Builder

Facilitates top quality design

Andromo has extensive design possibilities that bring significant benefits to users. All templates are carefully crafted in elegant, modern, and beautiful looks that can be applied in various categories. No matter what ideas users are having, Andromo has a template for that. The categories range from an e-book to music, cooking, wallpaper, media player, and many more.

Free trial available

Andromo allows users to test and experience all features before purchasing a subscription. Users will only pay after the trial period ends. For a beginner who wants to test the water, a Hobbyist plan is a great choice to save money. With this plan, users will be able to play around with the basic features of the builder, get used to the interface and the WYSIWYG system. This also makes Andromo an excellent option for a free kids app maker . Hobbyist and Pro plans also allow users to use advanced monetization set-up for 21 days, long enough to conclude whether things are worth the money.

Provides application analytics

Andromo provides advanced in-app analytics that helps app creators gather accurate data on user behaviors. The more insights app creators have, the more power creators will have to optimize marketing campaigns, retention rate, and ROI. Keeping track of analytics is one of the best ways to maximize an app’s potential.

Advanced Monetisation features

With the market size worth $100 billion in 2020, mobile apps appear as a lucrative industry for both individual creators and businesses worldwide. As an innovation, Andromo gives many people the opportunity to design and monetize an app easily in multiple ways. Some common methods are ads, sponsored content, and becoming an app seller. Making money with apps couldn’t be any simpler.

Try out Andromo Monetization Features Today

Andromo apps templates will help users design unique app designs like a pro without having to code. Start earning money today by becoming an app seller on Google Play or Amazon. 

Now is the best time to build an android application with Andromo app templates.

How to create an app with Andromo Application Templates

How to start the app project in Andromo

Sign up

Andromo flexible sign-up options allow users to create an account in 3 ways, either via Google account, Facebook account, or email. After logging in with the new account, users will access the builder interface where the app designing process happens.

Choosing a template

Visually stunning mobile app templates can help first-time users save a tremendous amount of time with little design knowledge. Andromo’s android app templates are carefully designed with a practical layout, versatile themes, and high customization ability.

How to add features in Andromo App builder
How to choose a theme on Andromo app builder

Customization features and styles

Andromo users will find the customization options more flexible and stronger than any other drag and drop app builder on the market. Andromo’s team of experts has injected top-notch features that allow users to personalize the content as much as possible.

Loading content

Andromo supports 30+ native elements with various content types such as media, image, gallery, music, video, text. Once users upload the content, Andromo keeps the same high-quality, ultimately delivering the best quality in-app experience to end-users.

How to Add content on Andromo App builider
How to set up monetization with Andromo

Monetization set up

Users don’t have to think about any money-making models because Andromo offers a list of monetization options that work like a charm. For example, users can choose from several common ads such as native ads, banner ads, or interstitial ads. Alternative options including sponsored content and becoming an app seller are also good ideas for beginners to test out.

 Upload to App Store

Andromo will send all the necessary information in an email to creators once the app is fully built. Users can immediately upload the app to App Store and Google Play and see how it works. Andromo doesn’t charge any extra fee for this step.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

Winning apps using Andromo android app template

Andromo’s phone app templates are so versatile that they can be used for many different types of apps. Users can use the templates as a starting point, then adding personal touch and creativity. The final app will be unique and cater to the specific needs of the app’s clients.

Education app made with Anderomo - screen 2

Keep Calm 4 PUPPIES

Keep Calm 4 PUPPIES is a wallpaper app that particularly focuses on the pet niche. Dog and cat lovers will find a plethora of adorable puppies and kitties wallpaper. The collection is huge and updated frequently so that users will find unlimited choices to set up mobile wallpaper. All wallpapers are high-quality with perfect resolution. Keep Calm 4 PUPPIES creator also added another feature that allows users to share photos with a friend via Bluetooth or Wifi. 

Currently, Keep Calm 4 PUPPIES has 100,000+ downloads of Google Play with an overall 4.6/5 star rating.

Education app made with Anderomo - screen 2

Good morning Love Romantic Greetings

The intention behind this app is so wonderful when the creator wants to encourage people to share love messages with loved ones. The app is a huge gallery of hundreds of good morning, good night, good afternoon greetings with elegant and romantic images that can lift any receiver’s day. Users can also send postcards with quotes to express feelings to the other person via social media and other messenger apps. 

Good morning Love Romantic Greetings has gained spectacular success when the app has 100,000+ installs from Google Play and a 4.6/5 overall rating.

Education app made with Anderomo - screen1

Teen Wallpapers

Teen Wallpapers is a fascinating collection of wallpapers that many teenagers love. Teenagers can find many themes for wallpapers such as vintage, retro, abstract art, graffiti, dark, nature, celebrity, etc. All the wallpapers are high resolution and can be used as a home screen or lock screen. Changing wallpaper within the app is so easy, and users can do that on the go. Teens can share wallpapers with friends on social media as well. 

The app has received lots of good reviews where people expressed how excellent the app is. Since being published, Teen Wallpapers has got 100,000+ downloads from Google Play and a positive rating of 4.7/5.

Andromo’s advanced features besides iPhone apps templates

Plugin Support

The plugin is an advanced sub-product that leverages the app’s functions. Andromo provides a wide range of plugin supports such as maps and QR codes, which enhance the user’s experience.

Photo Gallery

Photo gallery is a common feature that can be used in many apps. Apps like cooking, fashion, wallpaper are some examples that can use photo galleries to create beautiful content. In the Andromo application builder , users can upload and arrange photos in bulk.

Audio Player

The audio player plays a crucial role in in-app content for apps like ringtone collection or meditation music. With Andromo cross platform mobile development builder, users can upload high-quality audio files and make audio playlists.

YouTube Player

Many movie apps use YouTube players as a way to present movie trailers. In the Andromo ios app creator , the YouTube player is a native element that helps users easily stream videos.

Push notifications

Users will receive news, updates, and personalized app content by using push notifications. This feature is a must for any app that wants to boost user engagement.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed is a powerful tool that boosts user engagement. RSS Feed in Andromo will provide the latest news of a website or blog, helping users update the news immediately.

Grab the advanced benefits from the Andromo mobile app template

Andromo application ios app templates let people build apps without code to design beautiful apps, with powerful features and strong customization ability. Andromo flutter app creator facilitates one’s design thinking and ideas into unique, user-friendly applications. The all-in-one platform also provides a list of the best monetization options, turning apps into real businesses. Andromo may be the key answer for many people looking for how to make an iPad app

Try Andromo today – the all-in-one platform with an awesome phone app template.

desktop screenshot with Andromo education app builder