Ringtone App Maker: Make Your Own Ringtone App Without Code

While custom ringtones are not an aural fashion accessory as they used to be in the early 2000s, people still like to personalize their cell phones with snippets of the newest or coolest tunes. 

According to Gartner, the ringtone industry is still worth over $2 billion. The ringtone market in the United States alone is worth around $500 million a year. So clearly there is still a huge market for ringtones. The average cost of a ringtone is $3, so those ringtone purchases will add up. No wonder there are hundreds of ringtone apps available on Google Play and Apple Appstore. 

Another reason is creating custom ringtone applications is easier than ever thanks to No-Code Ringtone Application builders.  

Andromo is a premium personalization app maker that offers a quick ready-to-use solution for creating ringtone apps with built-in templates and activities and content presets.

Benefits of building a Ringtone app with Andromo Ringtone App Maker

Plenty of customization options

Choose from over 30 native mobile app features to make your own ringtone app. Andromo also provides a huge template base, providing plenty of design options to choose from. The no-code mobile app builder’s plug-and-play component makes it easy to add audio and other important components.

Audio Player Database

Creators can add unlimited volumes of audio to their ringtone app but still save the app weight.

Amazing speed

Ringtone apps built using Andromo’s ringtone app maker offer amazing speed with optimal response time.

Build native Ringtone apps for both Android and iOS

Andromo offers native apps “out of the box.” It helps creators build ringtone apps for both app marketplaces. 

Quick, inexpensive and progressive

Andromo utilizes a Google-backed open-source UI software development toolkit that helps creators build dynamic native mobile ringtone apps. Flutter’s progressive technology allows for quick and inexpensive development of apps without sacrificing design quality and feature creation. 

Flexible monetization tools 

With Andromo creators can not only turn a ringtone app idea into reality without knowing how to code but also make money from it within hours. The first all-in-one no-code application platform to create and monetize mobile apps provides some of the most flexible monetization tools. 

Make your own ringtone app with the Andromo Ringtone app maker and make money within hours

Many people still personalize their mobile phones with snippets of music or sounds. The top-rated music and audio apps on Google Play Store alone made $28 million in revenue in July 2021, according to Statista. Making your own ringtone app is a great way to make some extra cash, especially for those who are fond of music. With no-code platform for apps like Andromo, creators can easily edit popular or personal music into ringtones and sell them over the internet or set up ad runs and monetize downloads from their app. 


How to create a Ringtone app with Andromo in just 3 steps

Andromo makes it easier than ever to build a ringtone app with zero knowledge of coding. Due to the fact that Andromo is a ringtone application android and iOS ringtone maker, creators can make mobile ringtone apps for both platforms.

Here is how to make your own ringtone app for either platform:

Choose a template

Press the Easy Start button on the upper left side of the dashboard. Then choose the sounds and ringtones template, give your future app the name in a specific field, and press the Build This App button.

Integrate Features and Activities

Now it’s time to set up features and add activities that can be placed in a scrollable carousel group or the default scrollable list group. Creators can duplicate groups, then pick an existing ringtones template, reorder activities, and upload and customize content. 

Set-up App’s Interface and Settings

After creating the app’s content, the next step is to set up its interface to optimize the aesthetics. From the app’s interface, set up general settings such as icons (preset or customized), and Privacy Policy.

Why Ringtone Apps are still a thing

Ringtones continue to be one of the most personalized components of mobile phones. Mobile ringtone apps allow users to set a specialized tone for each contact, for alarms, messages, and notifications. Ringtones do more than just notify and identify. Ringtones are like a phone’s signature that signifies an individual’s personality and musical taste.

And ringtones can be money makers too.

Ringtone Apps are still lucrative 

ZEDGE, an app that provides a selection of downloadable ringtones and wallpapers, had a revenue increase of 7.4 percent (to 9.5 million dollars) with income from paid subscriptions increasing by over 900 percent (to 1.6 million dollars) in 2020. The app has been downloaded over 430 million times and has 30 million monthly active users as of August 31, 2020. ZEDGE pretty much owns the corner on the ringtone app market. However, there are have a few that are having some success.

A good ZEDGE alternative for ringtones only is Audiko. The ringtone maker has a huge database of millions of free ringtones. It allows users to create their own ringtones from music tracks, videos, and other sounds as well as exchange ringtones. Audiko is rated favorably amongst ringtone app users scoring a 4.7-star average rating from over 220,000 voters on Google Play. 

Total mobile app downloads for Audiko Ringtones were 20,000 in August of 2021.  

Create your own ringtone app quickly with one of the best Ringtone App Maker

Thanks to No-Code Ringtone App Makers, anyone can now build a powerful ringtone app without writing code. 

Along with wallpaper apps, it’s one of the most popular app categories on the Andromo platform. One of the main reasons is because the mobile ringtone app maker makes it so easy to make a ringtone app without code that even ‘non-techies’ can do it quickly. 

It also provides creators with flexible monetization tools to generate revenue within hours. 

Sign up now and make your own ringtone app with one of the best ringtone and wallpaper app maker platforms on the market.