Create an Audio App with Andromo

Over the years, audio apps such as Spotify and Pandora have become increasingly popular. 

Apps offer more flexibility since people can listen to songs, create playlists and share popular audio content. 

With Andromo, developers can create an audio application without writing a single line of code.

Audio apps are a great way to generate revenue and open up the world of music to listeners and artists alike.

According to Statista, the top-rated music and audio apps on Google Play Store made approximately 27.9 million U.S. dollars in revenue in July 2021.

To learn how to create your own music app, take a look at the rest of this article.

What is An Audio App?

An audio app houses audio content, audio streams such as songs, sounds, beats, and podcasts.  

Listeners can enjoy their favorite content from anywhere, play songs in the background as they work or during a commute. 

Audio Apps Build With Andromo

Song application maker.

A song application holds songs from various genres and artists.

MP3 Application maker

An MP3 application allows users to play downloaded songs and browse their music collection by artist name, song name or album name.

Musician Application Builder

A Musician application allows listeners to stream or download a musician’s songs and albums.

Podcast App Maker

A podcast application holds a collection of online audio episodes. The episodes often cover various topics such as murder mystery, personal finance, and parenthood.

Radio Application Maker

A radio application allows users to listen to radio streams or tune in to online radio stations.

ASMR Application Builder

An ASMR app holds a collection of sounds that help listeners deal with stress, anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Why Do We Use Audio Apps?

Audio apps have become increasingly relevant despite the prevalence of video content. Why? 

Simple. People prefer to use apps since they can:

  • Listen to music from anywhere thanks to the download feature
  • Create personalized playlists that match their personality and mood
  • Get new music release notifications right on their home screens.
  • Keep their minds occupied while cutting down on screen time.

Why is Andromo a good choice for Audio App construction?

Andromo is an iOS and Android development platform. It is preferred by professional app builders thanks to its easy-to-use, coding-free features. 

This multifunctional music app maker offers:

Ready to use templates

Developers can select the most appropriate template from a collection and edit it to perfection.

An all-in-one Interface

Builders do not have to jump back and forth between web pages and app builders. 

iOS and Android application designs

Create your music app that is compatible with iOS and Android phones and publish it on both platforms. 


Developers can use banners, interstitial ads, native ads, and AdMob and Facebook Network Audience to generate revenue.

Google Play Bundles support​

These enhance the user experience by decreasing the size of an application in keeping with Google standards.​

Must-Have Features

The application features selected will help listeners discover and consume more content. With Andromo, developers can incorporate the following features to create the music player.

Beautiful layout options

Select an easy-to-use layout with a functional dashboard, brilliant color scheme, and icon. Use a carousel group under various categories to encourage users to scroll through. 

An Audio Player For Offline and Online Use

Allow users to listen to music without using data. Include a download option that gives users access to songs even in the outdoors.  

An add-free music player

Listeners can enjoy an uninterrupted flow of music without any ad pop-ups.

Youtube Collection

Users can also watch lyric videos from youtube and sing along with performers. Developers can also, include a collection of youtube playlists featuring new or popular music.

Photo Gallery

Include beautiful pictures or memes of celebrities from different events to keep listeners captivated. 

The pictures could also include famous singers with their kids and partners. It could also showcase famous people’s houses, cars, and fashion collections. 

Music Categories

Create different music categories based on listeners’ regions, popular genres, artists, or popular albums.  

RSS News Or Blogs

Developers can include an RSS news feed or blog that provides entertainment news, celebrity gossip, interviews, album release announcements, and much more. 


Listeners can get push notifications of new music based on musical taste and favorite musicians. They can also get notifications recommending new music. 


Users can also listen to a radio program or tune in for a news broadcast. 

Steps To Building an Audio Application With Andromo

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide to help creators build the perfect Audio streaming application.

  1. Visit the Andromo website and click on the Create an app button at the top right corner to sign up and start building an application. 
  2. Select the preferred template and click on the Build this app button. 
  3. Select the most fitting features such as categories and share buttons from the dashboard. 
  4. Customize the template to enhance the user experience. Choose a theme and select a color scheme from several color pallets. 
  5. Add content to the Activity type. Include youtube lyric videos, links to live streams or blog posts, audio songs, pictures, and much more.
  6. Check the basic features such as the name, version, icon, contact information. 
  7. Publish the Audio streaming application and host it on all major App Stores. 

Andromo has also created a helpful video demonstration for new developers. Check it out for an in-depth understanding of the process. 

Bonus Tips: Distinguish Your Application From Your Competitors 

Developers can make an online music app stand out by including some of the following features. 

  • Easy registration. Allow listeners to create accounts easily by using email or social media handles. 
  • Quick search feature so that listeners can find songs and artists with ease.
  • Provide personalized song recommendations based on a listener’s preferences and geographic location to help them discover new music.
  • Offer a low subscription rate to encourage subscription.
  • Allow users to create personalized playlists. 
  • Send regular push notifications to alert listeners of new music. 

What Listeners will love about your Andromo App

Andromo offers developers benefits such as:

An Add-Free Experience

The  Add free music player creates the ultimate listening experience. There are no annoying ad interruptions.

Offline Audio App

The offline features allow listeners to access audio tracks and playlists without using data. 

Free Notifications. 

Users will get new music notifications and links to celebrity news articles, social media, and other sites.

Create an App with Andromo today!

Create an online music app today. Andromo provides up-to-date app-building software. 

Developers can open up the world of music and connect artists and listeners from different continents.

Choose a platform that provides guidance and makes building an application easy and fun. Get started today!