Learn how to design, build and monetize mobile apps without coding in 2 DAYS

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5 Steps Quick start Guide.

Beginner level

How to make an app no coding. Tutorial
How activity size settings work at Andromo V3 builder.
How to use ”multiple dashboards” feature at Andromo. Create albums and folders in your app.
How to make an app “Gamers Wallpapers” from scratch
How to submit your app to Google Play

Pro level

How app monetization works (a cut from the webinar)
How to set up monetization in Andromo builder
How to set up Admob in Andromo app
How to set up Facebook audience network ads in Andromo app
How to set up Native ads in Andromo builder

Advanced level

Analyze your competitors for content and keywords
Make your app descriptions appealing to the audience
Create a catchy and keyword-driven name
Create a visually attractive app icon
Create attractive screenshots for your app

Full Courses

How to promote an app in 14 Steps
The ability to monetize an app directly depends...
How to create an app in 5 Steps
How to make an app no coding In...

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