Android App Maker: Easily Build Droid Application

Andromo is a world-class Android app maker. With the use of it, anyone can start building apps right now without coding skills. It is a non-code tool for people who want to embark on their digital journey with limited coding ability.

The app’s maker for Android provides a wide range of built-in features resulting in powerful visualization ability. Complex ideas can be turned into real-world apps. Users will be able to monetize apps using multiple options from Andromo legitimately. 

The main advantages of the Andromo Android application maker

Building Android applications won’t take much effort, thanks to Andromo. The platform’s huge advantages give anyone the power to create their apps and make money instantly after app publishment. Andromo is drag-and-drop, user-friendly, straightforward, and versatile. It’s perfect for beginners with fresh ideas and unlimited curiosity but with adequate coding experience. 

Affordable price

Andromo allows users to build Android applications without investing big money. Andromo provides budget-friendly subscription plans, ranging from Hobbyist, Pro to Ultra. 

This platform represents one of the most low-cost app-building tools with high quality, resulting in higher ROI for businesses.  

Flutter-based builder

Flutter-based builder – is the latest Google progressive technology. 

Unlike other Android makers, Andromo inherits various widgets and properties to elaborate designs and features of the app. 

In addition to the Flutter-based builder, Andromo Android app builder supports users with a vast gallery of beautiful ready-to-use templates, caters to multiple niches such as small business, fashion, education, sound. 

Advanced monetization opportunities

Andromo already gives users tons of choices to leverage their monetization: deploy sponsored content, get a commission from app customizations, become an app seller from Amazon or Google Play, add banners, and other content-related ads. 

Andromo is not like any other primary Android makers. It helps generate money instantly in multiple ways. 


Analytics provides robust data of app performance, tracks user behavior from time to time. This feature helps businesses drill down their customer insights to the core to plan on future user-centric strategies. Grow the pool of target audience and leverage their marketing for better profit. 

Andromo, an app development platform, shows exceptional ability in creating mobile apps for non-developers. The platform enables users to monetize apps as soon as they are released. 

Build Android application today with Andromo now! Because it’s simple, quickly monetized, and budget-friendly. 

Start experiencing the unrivaled experience and amaze end-users with fast app performance, smooth scrolling, expressive and dynamic interface.

Earn money with Andromo Android app maker now

$935 million is the expected app market size in 2023. With Andromo, anyone can have the ability to access that gold mine and gain financial success there with confidence. Andromo provides a list of handy and highly optimizable tools that build Android applications with outstanding quality. Users get the perks of extra advantages to monetize using multiple options of ads and commission.

Start making a successful app business and gain profit with Andromo today!

How to create an Android application 

  1. Sign up. Sign up with Anfromo to create a new project and give it a name. This simple step can be completed in seconds. No coding skills are required. The app builder has a user-friendly and straightforward design that is extremely easy to use and perfect for people who never touched a line of code in their life. 
  2. Choosing a template. Templates are the crucial part that enables Andromo to bring an easy-to-use tool for beginners. Find templates for many app types such as sound, wallpaper, recipe, ebook, fashion, inspire, news, spiritual, education, and more. All templates are trendy, beautifully designed. They also show the potential monthly income for each category.
  3. Customization features and styles. Visualize the ideas using Andromo’s robust stack of beautiful features. Andromo provides 30+ best-of-breed, fully customizable native features. Get through a quick onboarding process where there are short tutorials of how Andromo works. Select the color scheme. Start building Android applications from the dashboard.
  4. Loading content. Add and customize title, background, and upload images from the computer. Then choose a suitable layout from a list. Add buttons and many more media content. Build a gallery. Stream Youtube videos. Everything is possible with one click.
  5. Monetization set up. Enable hassle-free monetization options. Choose the monetization and add native ads directly to the interface as a block. Design eye-catching static banners to increase conversion rate.
  6. Upload to App Store. After making Android applications, check the email to see the final result. The app is now ready to reach out to millions of worldwide app users and bring money. Push the app on the App Store or Google Play and start effortlessly making thousands of dollars like many people have done.

Create an app and get overnight success with Andromo

There are many reasons why people want to create mobile apps. 

Some of them are merely prompted by a hobby. Instead of creating a website, they choose to make an app to share their interests, such as books, food recipes, or music with others. 

Some of them are motivated by passing a test, so they created an educational app that teaches and prepares users before the exam. 

Some others want to start their app business in the form of a wallpaper gallery. 

Andromo will fulfill all of these purposes. What’s more, the platform helps users to monetize their ideas, turning ideas into real businesses. 

Users don’t have to sell the app to make money directly. Instead, money comes by adding appealing rich-content ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. Another way is to take a commission from building apps for other parties. Placing sponsored content is also a common way that Andromo monetizes the app. 

Successful users

There were countless hours of arduous coding, a considerable investment of money, and a giant team of tech experts to build applications. It was nearly impossible for ordinary people to create a mobile app. Now, anyone can build Android applications simply by using Andromo. 

Many people have gained success with Andromo in a quick time. Andromo helps non-developers build apps with thousands of installs within a few weeks. Andromo’s users are from worldwide, such as Morocco, Romania, India, and many more. 

Visit the testimonial page to read their inspirational story. 

Free trial available 

Only spend money after a trial. Sign up to register a Hobbyist plan to get used to the dashboard, interface, features, and the process of building an app. What’s more, the Pro and Hobbyist users still have access to try a list of Advanced monetization features for 21 days. Decide to make a transaction only when the trial ends. 

Easy to use 

The drag-and-drop app builder with minimal dashboard and intuitive interface lets users build applications in minutes. Enjoy the WYSIWYG experience and test the final app result right within the builder. Turning all ideas in their heads into real applications is no longer a dream. 

Create applications without programming knowledge

Andromo is so easy to use and requires no prior app or coding experience. Visit Andromo academy for free tutorials, and that’s enough to start building Android applications. Either choose a ready-to-use template or start building everything from scratch by mixing up the robust features. The templates are stylish, attractive, and have many options for various niches. Get 24/7 support from the Andromo team. 

Use the app for business 

Thousands of people are turning application making from a hobby into a real business. With the flexible monetization options from Andromo, there are many ways to start making money here. Also, anyone can build Android applications with a strong brand identity of the business thanks to the powerful in-app features. 

Create an Android app with Andromo

There will be nearly 2 million apps in the App Store and 3 million apps in Google Play by 2021. These numbers are only to increase rapidly in the years to come. Users spend 88% of their screen time using apps. By the year 2023, the mobile app market size is expected to exceed $935 million. These impressive numbers are proof that apps are still a very potential market for businesses to explore. It also prompts individuals and companies to explore how to make Android apps. 

With Andromo, anyone can have the ability to access that gold mine and gain financial success there with confidence.

Useful functions of Andromo App Maker for Android application

Media files

Andromo supports a wide range of media files for the best user experience. Add text, photos, videos, and audio. Build a gallery with thousands of images — Stream Youtube videos right inside the app. Build a lively app with rich, gripping content that customers prefer. 


Conveniently customize the app navigation. Navigation is a crucial UX/UI element that app makers must keep in mind because this factor contributes directly to a higher retention rate. Add call-to-action to boost user engagement and increase conversion where needed. 


Build trust and let users reach out easily by adding contacts such as website URL, office dress, phone number, email — present users with social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Create an Android app with detailed contacts to allow them to engage with the business on various channels. 


Push notifications help users receive personalized information, news, achievements, promotions, and more. Craft excellent content and be ready to deliver them via push notification to facilitate the best loyalty program. 


Making money with an Android app has never been easier. Transform the app into an enormous stream of income. Andromo provides a variety of monetization features. Choose banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads, and more. Simple to set up. Top-notch performance. 

Try Andromo now

Building Android applications has never been this easy, thanks to Andromo. It integrates everything from building up functions, designing UI/UX, gathering in-app user data, and monetizing into only one platform.  Andromo app builder is the first-class, all-in-one, no-code platform trusted by thousands of users worldwide. 

Andromo is the ultimate solution for how to create an app for Android. Andromo platform helps expand the business and quickly bring money to users. It provides a maximum of functions to make any application. For novice users, it could be an application for hobby or entertainment purposes only. For others, it could be a creative business that monetizes profits. Andromo is suitable for many purposes and extremely easy to use.  There is no other better time to build android applications than now. 

Create an Android app today and monetize with Andromo app builder!