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Powerful & Easy

The first all in one no-code platform to create and monetize mobile apps backed by Google Flutter

The Flutter-based Andromo platform is a one-stop solution for no-code mobile app development & monetization.

One platform, endless possibilities

Times of surfing through boring website pages and separate instruments are a thing of the past. Welcome to the new era of app development. Andromo is a revolutionary all-in-one builder. We have minimized the number of actions & clicks you need to make to create your application. Meet our multifunctional platform, all on one page.

Backed by Google Flutter​
Our progressive technology gives you easy access to the app development world. No extra coding skills are needed — just add content and enjoy your app.
Easy editing all in one Interface
No more jumping back and forth between webpages and app builders. Create and customize your application on one page.
Great looking templates
We keep an eye on industry trends and reflect them in our huge template collection.
Flexible Monetization Scheme
Monetize your app with banners, interstitial ads, native ads and splash screens from market leaders AdMob and Facebook Network Audience
Design, build & publish for both iOS and Android
Android and iOS cover the needs & requests of 99% of users worldwide. Andromo helps you succeed across both marketplaces.
Google Play Bundles support​
Provide your app users with a better experience. Play Bundles decrease the size of an app, rotate your app better in the store and keep up with Google standards.​

Discover Andromo online mobile builder

1. Use & Customize templates

Various templates to boost your start

”Easy Start” is a feature for a better user experience. It contains templates for any taste. Templates designed by our devoted team pose as ready-to-use skeletons for your future application. Pick the one that suits your app concept the best, and fulfill it with your content.

2. Add & Edit App Features

Create apps that work the way you want

Your future app will consist of separate blocks called activities. Almost any activity you could imagine is available in the builder, plus Flutter allows us to add even more new features to choose from. You can customize features separately, put them in the order you need, and create your own layout.

Adding features to your app is as easy as sharing a picture

Do you think of app development as a complex process that requires specific programming skills and a titanic effort? Forget it. Building apps with the Andromo platform is as easy as scrolling through your news feed. Constructing your application and adding activities will only take you a few elementary steps.

Add features you want
in one click

Choose activities that match your request from the list suggested. Add them in one click, customize, and your application is ready for release!

Easily upload content
in batch

The bulk content upload option lets you upload all the files you need in just one click. This has never been so easy & quick.

the interface

Change the order of features and choose the size and form of their icons. Make your app visually stunning.

Activities & Content

Monetization & Integrations

3. Use & Adjust Monetization

The most advanced content monetization tools on the market.

Andromo has everything you need to simply monetize and make profit with your app. We have the whole range of tools to let you generate revenue with your content right from the start. 

Make your Mobile Ads work like never before.

Whether it’s Ad Mob, Facebook or MobUp our system will allow your apps to pick the best deal on the market on the fly.

FAN Bidding will display ads with the highest price per view in real time for every user interacting with your app.

Whether it’s Interstitial Ads, banners or native ads rest assure our bidding system will pick the most profitable offer.

Make every content piece count.

With our In App purchase mechanism you’ll be able to create restricted areas in your app available only through direct payment. 

In-app purchases allow users to buy additional features or goods in an app and obtain a life long ability to watch and download content.

This way every bit of information in your app will have it’s value.

Everything you need to monetize your app in one place

Adjust promotions from every app activity to your audience’s interests and requests. Control the frequency of ad run. Set promotion types for every app page apart. All the benefits and monetization opportunities are now collected in one builder.

Build & Publish

Create and monetize mobile apps without a single line of code today.

A flexible pricing model helps you start with any budget.

Our free 14-day trial lets you test-drive builder tools. Explore the platform and decide whether or not it matches your requirements and functionally. No pressure here.

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