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Сreate Any Applications With Free App Builder

No-code app builders have made it easy for anyone to build their applications without writing any code. A No-code free application maker like Andromo is perfect for anyone looking for a cost-free app creation option to bring their dream idea to life. 

The no-code app building platform allows anyone to create apps simple or complex for free. The flexibility of the app builder allows users to add and remove desired features and styles and modify app functions. Creators can pick from over 30 native mobile app features and many built-in templates to launch their app. 

The free online app maker provides an enviable level of customization, allowing creators to add different types of content and capitalize on numerous other capabilities, including flexible money-generating tools.

How Free App Makers are Contributing to The Growth of The App Market

As the world’s appetite for apps grows, the app market continues to expand, enjoying a record-breaking quarter in Q3 of 2021. According to App Annie, revenues spent on apps reached a record-high $34 billion in consumer spending and 36 billion in downloads. 

Studies have revealed that Google Play Store app installs will reach 139 billion by 2024, and mobile apps are expected to generate over $935 billion in revenue by 2023 (by Sensor Tower). 

The projection is partly due to the significant influence of free app makers that have eliminated the large financial commitment accompanying app development. 

With prices exceeding $10,000 for development alone, creating an app used to be restricted to those who can afford to pay for it and those who have the technical expertise to build it themselves. 

There are 3 million android apps available for download on the Google Play Store, with a gross app revenue of over $10.3 billion (by Statista). Though mobile rules the roost when it comes to apps generally, tablet usage is starting to catch up with smartphones. 

And Android has a slight majority share of the tablet market with 58.5 percent (end of 2020).

With Andromo, creators can make android applications for both mobile and tablet, then monetize and publish them on Android and iOS App Stores.

Benefits of Building an App with Free App Builder

Whatever creators want to build for whatever platform the Andromo app maker free solution will help to quickly turn that app idea into a reality without having to write a line of code.

Build a Functional App for Free and Make Money

The first all-in-one, no-code free android app maker to create and monetize mobile apps, Andromo possesses a whole range of tools to let creators generate revenue right from the start. With flexible monetization tools such as AdMob and Facebook, creators can earn a passive income within hours after building an app by including attractive ad banners, interstitial ads, and native ads.

Become an App Seller on Google Play, Apple App Store, or Amazon

Andromo provides tons of pre-defined templates and features that allow creators to build dynamic custom apps for various categories. From games, ringtones, wallpapers, education, events, news, fashion, to spiritual, then upload them to Google Play, Apple, and Amazon Appstore and start earning! Creators can commission from building custom apps, charge the desired rate for services and keep the difference.

Provides application analytics

The potential of generating revenues from creating apps without code with a free app creator makes it even more worthwhile. But without knowing the areas of the app that work best and how its target audience responds to marketing strategies, those apps will never maximize their true potential. Andromo’s application analytics captures, analyses, and presents valuable metrics from app usage. Creators can utilize built-in tools to analyze an app's user behavior and gauge its return on investment (ROI).

Facilitates top quality design

The no-code movement has allowed designers and regular people to build powerful apps that scale without a developer or code. Andromo's design technologies, customization features, flexibility, and intuitive interface, allow creators to create well-designed, fully-featured, high-quality, user-friendly apps without code.

Build Apps for Free and Make Money by Using a Free Online App Builder

Free mobile app builders like Andromo uses progressive technology to put the power of innovation into the hands of non-technical people to create different types of apps of varying complexities, including Hybrid/Cross-Platform Apps. These apps are accessible through various end devices and can target both iOS and Android platforms, maximizing exposure to the target audience. A single code is used across multiple platforms for easy portability, faster development, lower cost, and less maintenance. 

Cross-platform technologies or frameworks are used by one-third of mobile developers. The most popular cross-platform mobile framework is Flutter, 42 percent of software developers worldwide (by Statista). Andromo is also an online flutter app maker.

How to Build an App with the Andromo Free App Creator

All that is needed to build an app without coding on the multi-platform app maker is just a great idea.

How to start the app project in Andromo

Sign up

Enter some simple details, then choose one of the three subscription options (Hobbyist, Pro, and Ultra), and start building.

Choose a template

Save extra time and avoid constructing features manually with one of Easy-Start’s huge library of ready-to-use topical templates.

How to add features in Andromo App builder
How to choose a theme on Andromo app builder

Customize features and styles

With plenty of customization options, creators can add desired activities, features, styles by choosing color themes, feature icons, adding maps, polls, and ads, etc. to the app.

Upload content

Creators can then upload content (pictures, audio files, PDF documents, etc.) to the app after choosing an activity with just one click. Content would be stored on a cloud server thanks to the support of Firebase Analytics.

How to Add content on Andromo App builider
How to set up monetization with Andromo


Now it’s time to set up monetization after content upload is complete. Andromo gives creators the option of setting up an ad space to get revenue from each user interaction. Creators have the autonomy of defining ad run periods leading to more effective promotions.

Upload to App Store

Users can go live with their creation by uploading and publishing it on the Android market. Users will have to have a Google account before registering on Google Play Console Play for a one-time $25 payment. Then upload your application file, set its core characteristics such as a name, description, category, etc. Decide if you want to implement ads in your app, then release it.

how to host Andromo App on App Stores

What Apps Can be Built with the Andromo Free App Maker?

Andromo allows creators to build native Android and iOS mobile applications of any complexity and distribute them. Choose from a blank slate or many categories, including business, music, fashion, news, education, events, spiritual, recipes, sounds & ringtones, wallpapers, and inspirational. Each app category has built-in templates, a preset of activities, and content that can be modified.

Building a Fashion App

Express your passion for fashion and post fascinating content from the world of style by building a fashion app. Templates for this category consist of four circled topical photo galleries – make-up, hair, skin, and fashion- placed in a carousel group, making them easily scrollable. Several photo galleries in the carousel group can be added without overloading the user interface. They are put in a grid, which makes sections look compact. YouTube activities can be accessed from the list group called Fashion shows. Native ads can be placed in a static list group and earn money from the app.

Building an Education app​

Build an app where you can post information and promote your educational course. These three custom pages represent each of the three levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Pro) in a scrollable carousel group. These activities contain various course options: four compact photo galleries in a grid consisting of graduates’ pictures sorted by seasons (winter, spring, summer, autumn). There are three YouTube activities in a carousel group for student sessions. The Link card activity called ‘Book a class today’ allows users to sign up for lessons. Creators can promote their apps with Link card activities that connect to their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Building a News app

Inform the world by creating a news app without writing a line of code. With 3 RSS activities, a news app can loads news from corresponding external resources. Several other areas with RSS feeds include the most popular section that links to top news resources (Bloomberg, CNN, BBC, Reuters) and topical news feeds (Health, Auto news, Lifestyle). There are also multiple native ads blocks to place advertisements on the app.

Best features of the Andromo Free App Builder

Andromo’s free mobile app builder platform has an intuitive interface loaded with many features and functionalities. The drag and drop mobile app builder facilitates the excellent design and a good user experience.


It allows creators to add unlimited volumes of photos, audio, video, pdf docs, and ebooks to an app and save the app weight.

Creating a Blog

Creators can add a WordPress blog to an app and link it with RSS Feeds.

Quick access buttons

Add different links in buttons: web, location, call email links. It could be helpful for users to find necessary information.

QR Code

Users can access information instantly on an app by creating a quick response code.

Dashboard Card

The empty activity can be customized in terms of design and layout.

Application analytics

It allows creators to analyze meaningful insights and metrics gathered from user behavior in-app usage.

Build and Earn from the Best App Ideas in Hours with the Andromo Free App Builder

Andromo is one of the best app makers for Android free, allowing anyone with an idea for an app to build one without the development costs, technical expertise, and time associated with the traditional app-making process. Whether hybrid or native apps, for the Android or Apple App platforms, Andromo’s vast array of features, functionalities, and ease of use allows creators to create an app for free, distribute and earn from them within hours.

desktop screenshot with Andromo education app builder