Choose the subscription plan that fits your needs

Professional Plan

  • Unlimited apps!
  • All activities included
  • Ads or no ads. Your choice!
  • Sell your apps on Google Play, Amazon etc.
  • You keep the ad and/or sales revenue!
  • No Andromo logo on About screen
  • Use a custom Java package name

Starter Plan

  • Create up to 50 apps
  • All activities included
  • Ads or no ads. Your choice!
  • Sell your apps on Google Play, Amazon etc.
  • You keep the ad and/or sales revenue!
All prices are listed in USD and are recurring until cancelled. All sales are final. Delivery: you will receive immediate access to the service upon verified payment. How subscriptions work.

Sign up now and make your first app for free. Update the build as many times you want during 14 days trial period. But good for enough for testing! Upgrade during or after 14 days trial period to access paid features outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or queries regarding Andromo, go through the frequently asked questions to know more about it. If you are still unclear about something, get in touch with our customer services team and we will answer your concerns.

How does Andromo's subscription plan work?

With Andromo subscriptions you can create a project and build your applications. App building is automated which takes your project with all the settings and features that you enter. Using those settings and features, Andromo converts them to an Android .apk file. This file is ready for installation on your desired device or you can upload it on the Google Play Store.

How can I cancel or change my subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription plan anytime you want. You need to login into your PayPal account and change your Andromo preapproved payment settings. Your Andromo subscription will display as Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation or Andromo B.V. Click on it and then press the cancel link located near the top. For changing the subscription plan you simply need to cancel the previous plan and re-subscribe to the plan you want.

How to cancel or change a subscription plan if I have not signed-up with a credit card?

If you haven't used PayPal for a subscription, but used a credit card, it is still possible to cancel or change your subscription plan. PayPal can still process subscription payments for Andromo. You just need to find the PayPal receipt emailed to you and locate the receipt or subscription number on it. Then give a call to PayPal customer services and request them to cancel your payments for a subscription.

Will my app continue to function after changing or cancelling the subscription?

Yes, cancelling your subscription plan does not affect the apps which you have already developed using Andromo. They will continue to function while you will continuously get 100% of the revenue if your app has been showing any ads even after expiration of subscription plan.

Can I build an app after cancelling my subscription plan?

After cancelling your subscription plan, it is possible to build apps for the remaining subscription period until it expires. It means if you have 5 months remaining in your subscription plan when you cancelled it, you would still be able to create the app projects for the remaining 5 months.

Do I need to have a subscription to make changes to my app?

You can edit your projects without the subscription plan, but you need to have an active subscription if you want to build a new app.