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per month
per month
Perfect to make first steps or non-profit Apps
  • No monetization
  • 30 projects
  • 2 GB storage
  • Publish on Google & Amazon
  • No custom packageName
  • No AdMob & Facebook Ads
  • Andromo branding


per month
per month
Perfect for content creators and small entrepreneurs
  • Standard monetization
  • 300 projects
  • 10 GB storage
  • Publish on Google & Amazon
  • Custom packageName
  • AdMob & Facebook Ads
  • No Andromo branding
  • V3 Builder selective access


per month
per month
+ Impressions commission
Perfect for professional App creators and business development
  • Advanced monetization
  • Unlimited projects
  • 100 GB storage
  • Publish on Google & Amazon
  • Custom packageName
  • AdMob & Facebook Ads
  • No Andromo branding
  • V3 Builder full access
  • Native ads
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Hobbyist Pro Ultra
Number of projects 30 300 Unlimited
Storage 2 GB 10 GB 100 GB
Builds per month 100 1,000 Unlimited
Monetization No Standard Advanced
Priority support
Impressions commission
Custom packageName
Advanced monetization trial 21 days 21 days
Monetization features Interstitial Ads every 2+ min Interstitial Ads every 30+ sec
Splash screen in Apps
Native ads
Action buttons V3 component
Dashboard card V3 component
Dashboard spacer V3 component
Book library V3 component
Multiple dashboards in V3 projects
QR code reader and scanner V3 components
V3 components with online content
Whatsapp stickers V3 component
Wordpress blog V3 component

With Andromo subscriptions you can create a project and build your applications. App building is automated which takes your project with all the settings and features that you enter. Using those settings and features, Andromo converts them to an Android .apk file. This file is ready for installation on your desired device or you can upload it on the Google Play Store.

Advanced monetization allows you to change Admob Interstitial ads frequency down to 30 seconds and enable Splash Screen in your Apps, which can significantly increase your fill rate and revenue.

Requests of Ultra plan subscribers will be processed in a priority order. At the same time, we are constantly working to improve the quality and speed of support for all customers.

Ultra plan subscribers have to pay an impressions commission on a per-mile basis (i.e. per every 1,000 impressions).

It is a fee paid to Andromo for impressions. Such commission is applied only for the Ultra plan.

Ultra Plan subscribers have access to Advanced monetization options (AdMob Interstitial frequency changing, Splash screen). In order to run ads in this package, developers will have to book impressions with impressions budget, which will be available in their admin panel (10$, 25$, 50$, 100$, 500$, 1000$) This price is actually a commission, which developer pays to Andromo for having the access to the upgraded monetization options.

Let's say the dev deposits 10$ on to his impressions budget account which means that his apps have available AdMob interstitial Impressions in most cases equivalent to the estimate fluctuating from $65 to $250 revenue.

Andromo calculates it according to the AdMob Interstitial ads pricing by countries and it is being recalculated every 1st day of each month. You can check the current impression prices here.

There can be a discrepancy in statistics on certain days because of different time zones of servers. For a more accurate analysis of statistics use a date period of 7 days or more. Also keep in mind that not all your users will have updated Apps at once, whereas our statistics will be calculated for the updated Apps only. So in any case the discrepancy might only be us underestimating your revenue.

Ultra plan users have such an option on their Business page.

You can go into overdraft for 7 days. If you don’t book new impressions after that, interstitial ads will change to Standard monetization mode (no Splash screen, 2+ minutes interstitial ads frequency).

Simply go to the upgrade section in your account menu. Your old subscription days will be recalculated and you will get a proportional count of days according to a new plan price.

Your old subscription days will be recalculated and you will get a proportional count of days according to the new plan price.

You can stay on your plan, and you can never upgrade it if you don’t want to. You will not be able to rebuild your Apps after your subscription expires and after a certain time it will be deleted from Andromo. It will keep working in Google Play until some crucial updates will be required.

Hobbyist plan is for newcomers to train their skills in App building or to build an App for a hobby. We don’t support Ads in that plan. Our efforts are concentrated on Pro and Ultra plans in order to provide high value experience in ads monetising for our developers.

Yes, Hobbyist and Pro users will have an opportunity to test Advanced monetization features (Splash screen, down to 30-sec AdMob Interstitial ads frequency) for a 21 day trial.

In case the subscription expires, the App stops running interstitial ads and we will keep your data for up to six months after you ceased paying (or one year for Ultra users). It will still be available in Google Play.

It's free to signup with Andromo and create your first App. We give you full access to all of Andromo's project settings, activities, documentation and features so you can see what we're all about before you spend any money.

There are also tens of thousands Apps made with Andromo up on Google Play that you can investigate to see what other people have built using Andromo.

Please be sure that Andromo offers the features that you're looking for before you purchase a subscription.

Therefore, all sales are final. No refunds will be made.

We will let you keep your projects but you will have to delete your duplicated and unused ones to free up the space for new activities. We can help you to do it automatically if you need by deleting all projects which haven't been updated since some date. Get in touch with support to request that.

We assume that you are making a well-considered decision to purchase an Impression budget, and therefore we do not offer the opportunity to return these funds. They can only be used by you to earn with our Advanced monetization.