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Wallpapers app is one of the most popular app categories among Andromo platform users. Its development is easy and understandable even for beginners.

As for a wallpaper app, Andromo builder offers you a quick ready-to-use solution. It is called Easy-Start. It is a storage of topical app templates. Each template already has a preset of activities and content necessary for this specific app category. Later, you can modify these components.

To reach the patterns list, press the Easy Start button on the upper side of your new project page.

Choose the Wallpapers template, give your future app the name in a specific field, and press the Build this app button.

This template consists of photo gallery activities with different types of structure so that your app design will be fascinating and eye-catchy.

Activities can be placed in a carousel group or a list group. A list group is static (it comes by default), while a carousel group is scrollable. 

On the example given a group of galleries called Categories is collected in a carousel group. The native ad below it is placed in a list group. And then again — the Top rated group with stretched icons of four photo galleries divided by a native ad.

Group options allow you to systematize your app content. It also makes activities layout more diverse and eye-catchy for users. For example, nature wallpapers can be placed in a carousel group, and portrait wallpapers — into a list group. This creates a simplicity of navigation for your user. You can duplicate your groups and add any content you like.


Pick an existing wallpaper template, reorder activities if needed, upload and customize content to build your unique application.

A Firebase photo gallery activity allows you to upload and update content remotely. Your content will be kept on cloud servers. As a result, apps’ size will not be extremely big because of fulfillment.

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