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This is a suitable template for your religious or spiritual community.

To start working with templates, visit the “Easy start” section.

Easy-Start is storage of topical app templates. Each template already has a preset of activities and content necessary for this specific app category. Later, you can modify these components.

To reach the patterns list, press the Easy Start button on the upper side of your new project page.

Choose the “Spiritual” template, give your future app the name in a specific field, and press the Build this app button.

This template starts with the Spiritual Library. These are PDF activities placed in a Carousel group, which makes them easily scrollable. You can add numerous PDF files in this Carousel group without overloading the user interface.

Below, there are four Audio player activities placed in a static grid of a List group.

After them, there is an organically placed a Native ads block.

Below, you can see 3 YouTube activities collected in a Carousel group called Spiritual Videos.

After it, there are 2 Custom page activities with holy texts.

Under the Holy texts, you can see the Our Community gallery. It is a collection of Dashboard cards put in a Carousel group for making browsing comfortable. 

Last activities are circled. Moreover, covers of activity cards themselves are at the same moment pictures from the Our Community gallery.

In the end, there is a “Rate us” card forwarding users to the Google Play market and asking for a review of this app.

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