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The Settings section is devoted to basic app settings. Here, you can give your app a name, upload an app icon, and create a package name. It consists of categories: Basic, Icon, Pro features.

The Basic category is where you give your app a name, set the app version name, and code. App version code is an app-building characteristic. If you upload to Google Play an app with an app version code 10, your updated version should have an app version code 11 and further.

Also, you choose a package name here. The package name is a unique identifier for your app. If you change your package name, it will be seen as a new app by Google Play.

The Icon section is where you can upload your app icon. It must be at least 192×192 (square) up to a maximum of 512×512. We recommend a transparent (32 bit) PNG format.

To upload the app icon, press the “Browse images” button and choose a file from your laptop.

The Pro features section is available to Pro and Ultra subscribers. You can create a custom package name for your application. Set a custom package name for your app, such as com.mycompany.myapp instead of the standard com.andromo.dev836283.app1002139

Tick the Show customized text on about dialog to add information about your company or yourself. The dialog will appear in the upper right corner of your app.

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