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Prepare content


As long as a no-code app builder does a technical part of work for you, you may concentrate on the content.

Where to find content? #

You may pick pieces of content from free sources like Unsplash.com, YouTube, or Pinterest.

Also, try to browse the Internet and find topical content relevant to your future audience’s requests. For example, if your app will be devoted to interior design, create a compilation of trendy colors and cool references to the best interior ideas.

Remember that sometimes new is a combination of old knowledge. Experiment, systemize the data you have, and try to come up with fresh ideas based on existing content.

Finally, you may stick to producing your own content. This option suits developers who stand for exclusive content. If you feel your expertise, create it by yourself. As an alternative, use the help of a professional graphic & motion designer.

Apart from graphic and video content, you may also collect ingredients for other types of your future app’s activities:

  • Links to your or other topical websites;
  • Your own or public news feeds devoted to the app’s topic;
  • Links to social media accounts;
  • Audio files you have created by yourself or pieces of sounds you can legally share;
  • Online radio;
  • Links to selected live streams (for instance, games);
  • Maps;
  • PDF files and texts.

How to choose app content? #

Content selection may be time-consuming. On the other hand, it is an extremely creative task that can bring you a lot of joy. Try to observe three main rules in terms of content. Number one — always choose the highest quality to make up users’ expectations. Number two — be outstanding, collect unique content that will fascinate your audience. Number three — if you are uploading someone else’s content, make sure you avoid violating some copyrights. It is always better to ask the content’s owner for permission to share data.

Be careful with sensitive content. Regulate controversial issues with your app’s privacy policy. Restrict access to your app to defined audience groups, if needed (children, obviously).

Content that influences interface quality and representation in app store #

Consider planning your app’s layout in advance. Save your time; draw a pattern of your app interface before you build it. This will give you a demonstrative project structure. As a result, you will clarify how much content you need, how to locate content blocks, how to divide content blocks, and how many pieces of content to fulfill them with. Decide on how to work with text.

Regarding app screenshots and demonstrational videos, discover Google Play & App Store publishing requirements. Make sure your content is matching them. Prepare pictures and videos you will later use while submitting on the market.

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