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Native ads


A Native ad is a type of app component that is organically placed among other content of your app. Native advertising can significantly increase your monetization.

This activity should be pre-set in the left part of your screen.

You should open the Monetize section, and in the AdMob section, select AdMob native ads. Paste the AdMob app unit ID (Native), AdMob app ID, in specific fields. To get them, you should create an AdMob account, add your app there, get ads keys, and insert them into your app monetization settings in Andromo. Google Mobile Ads SDK is already implemented at Andromo builder. Simply insert keys and start monetizing.

Now, you can add the Native ads block to your app structure.

Open the Components section from the left part of your builder, expand the Popular list, and choose the Native ad.

The Native ads will be displayed as any other app activity. On the right part of the builder, it can be customized.


Basic settings of the chosen activity.


Here, you have an URL of this particular activity. You can later use it for cross-linking among other app activities (for example, a custom page).

In this section, you can change the title of your Native ad activity, add a subtitle and a description to it. This will help users to navigate through your app.


In the Style section, you can customize the appearance of your Native ads.

This section defines how this activity’s icon will be shown on the app dashboard.

You can use a custom size of activity icon, or set parameters regarding a number of columns, rows. You will also need to set column and row sizes at the activity’s group level (list or carousel), as well as at the Dashboard level (left side of dashboard settings).

Tick the Use custom card styling and set the icon’s parameters:

  • Spacing (offset from the sides);
  • Radius (icon’s shape);
  • Fonts, color, and size of a Native ad block’s title;
  • Fonts, color, and size of a Native ad block’s subtitle;
  • Colors (of a card border, card background, and card title background).

Tick the Icon to display the Native ad activity icon. Tick the Use background image – Browse images to upload and set the icon’s background picture.

The activity itself also has a settings image (a gear). You can duplicate this activity, add ads there, hide, or delete the activity.

If you add this activity without activating ads, it will perform as a decor element of your application, like a Dashboard card activity. In this case, you may upload a background image to your Native ads block, it will be non-clickable.

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One Response

  1. Hi,
    I’m an individual freelancer and currently using andromo’s pro plan building my app.
    In the component menu, the native ad only for ultra plan, so i cannot use. And there is no native ad in the monetize menu for my current plan (pro plan) as well as in the basic settings of any chosen activity.

    There is only one native ad template using dashboardcard shown in my dashboard screen with the image “a tesco in your hand. So my question, with my current pro plan, can i, or cannot i, have the native ad in the dashboard screen template? The url written in the main setting is: andromoV3://dashboardcard_1615974919_2e6bef965b

    Shall i leave it that way after finishing creating my app, build, and submit it to google playstore?
    Or you have any other url i can add, so when i release it to googleplay it will be automatically linked and live?
    Thank you very much. Looking forward to your response soon.

    Rahman Technology 99.

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