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Mobile app activities

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Activities are basic elements of a mobile app.

Activities allow adding features and functionalities to your app that help bring your content to life. You can write articles, share files, create audio players and playlists, organize video content, create image galleries, or make custom made solutions powered by HTML CSS and Javascript.

You will always need at least one activity in your app to build it successfully. In Andromo builder, you can add common app activities in the Components section. Apart from activities, this section will provide you with various useful buttons and extensions to make your app unique.

Every activity added through the Components section can later be customized separately in the right part of the builder. 

Common app activities example:

  • A photo gallery;
  • YouTube player;
  • Audio player;
  • Book library;
  • PDF document.


Open the Components section, add necessary elements to your app, customize them, and build your app in the Build section.

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