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List group


A List group is a format for placing activities on an app dashboard. A developer has two options — a carousel group and a List group. When a developer adds a new activity on a dashboards with no previous groups and categorization, it will be added to a List group by default.

A List group is non-scrollable. Its activities appear static on a dashboard. This makes activities devoted to the List group noticeable.

To add a List group, click on the Components section on the left part of your builder interface, expand the Layout list, and choose a List group.

Now, all activities added under the name of this List group will be devoted to the List group with a fixed components layout. Later, you can also drag and drop activities to other groups.

A List group, as any app activity, has its settings.


Basic settings of the chosen activity.


Here, you have an URL of this particular activity. You can later use it for cross-linking among other app activities (for example, a custom page).

In this section, you can change the title of your activity, add a subtitle and a description to it. This will help users navigate through your app.

You can also define a number of rows inside the Carousel group (from 1 to 5)

In the Style section, you can customize the appearance of your List group.


This section defines how this List group’s icon will be shown on the app dashboard.

You can set column and row quantity at the List group (from 1 to 5 each).


In this section, you can customize the title of your List group.

  • Set a number of columns for a List group title to be placed at;
  • Choose a font, its color, and size for a group’s title;
  • Choose a font, its color, and size for a group’s subtitle;
  • Set group’s title spacing (offset from the sides).

The List group itself also has a settings image on an app scheme (a gear). You can press it to delete the group.

Also, the List group has a roll-up button. You can press it to roll up the List group and all activities devoted to it. It is convenient for working on other groups and activities.

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