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How to set up Firebase auth


Choose Add project.

Next screen:

Enter your firebase project name (“Andromo app” in this example).

You can create up to 5 Firebase projects under the Google Cloud Platform quota.
You can request Google to increase this quota. See for details:

Click Continue.

Disable Google Analytics.

Click Create project.

Wait while your project is being created.

Click Continue.

Enable Firebase Authentication #

Click Authentication in the menu to the left.

Click Get started.

Select Email/Password.

Enable Email/Password. Click Save.

Your Sign-in method tab should look like this:

Add Firebase to your Android app #

Return to the Project Overview screen.

Fill the necessary information. Click Register app.

Click Download google-services.json and save google-services.json file.

Click Next.

Scroll down and click Next.

Click Continue to console.


If you ever lose track of your google-services.json file you can download it again anytime. Click the gear icon to the left of Project Overview button.

Click Project Settings and Scroll Down.

Click google-services.json to download the file again!

Check your app.

App status → storage → status should be unenforced.

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