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How to make an iOS app at Andromo for the Test_Flight


First of all download and install “Xcode” app from the App store on your laptop if you don’t have it. You will need about 12Gb of disc space and 3-4 hours of time to complete this task.

Register Apple Developer account #


Generate a certificate request file in your project “Settings” in Andromo #


Get Apple Distribution certificate from developer account #

  • Press continue.
  • Select ios-dev.certSigningRequest file. Press continue.
  • Press download.
  • Upload downloaded cert to project “Settings” at Andromo (possible file name distribution.cer) and save project.

Go to Here and create new ID #

  • Choose App and Press continue.
  • Press continue.
  • Enter description (any you like), bundle id (same as app package name), choose Explicit. Press continue. Press register.

Go to Here and create a new provisioning profile #

  • Press continue.
  • Select your ID (from step 4.c) and press continue.
  • Select certificate (from step 3.d).
  • Set name (any you like) and press generate.
  • Press download.
  • Upload yourfilename.mobileprovision to Andromo and BUILD your app.

Sign in to Here with your app store developers account #


Choose “Apps” #

Add your new app #

Choose IOS, Set app name, language, bundle ID from step 4.c, SKU (any you like), choose user access, press “Create” #

Download the Transporter app from the App store on your computer #

Log in to Transporter app with your app store developers account #

Add your app built at Andromo (.ipa file) #

Press “Deliver” #

Go to Here and choose your app #

Choose “Test Flight” #

Add your account to App store Connect Test Users #

After your app changes status to “Ready to submit” click on it and follow the instructions on how to test it on your device #

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