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Andromo is a no-code platform, which simplifies the task of every developer. Instead of gaining and then using specific programming skills, you concentrate on the app concept and content.

All the development process takes place in a one-page builder. You will not jump among web-pages trying to find and pick suitable app activities. We have collected a base of templates for almost every app category you may need. Depending on your app topic you choose a matching app skeleton from a gallery of patterns called EasyStart.

Alternatively, you may collect app activities manually, by yourself. Later, you can customize the appearance of each feature separately to create a unique user experience with your app.

After building a basement, you start fulfilling app sections with content. Select it carefully: content should correspond to users’ expectations, be qualitative, and relevant. You may also upload your content into cloud storage so that the app’s size will be good for using and ranging in app stores. This possibility is provided by Firebase Analytics support.

Finally, you will get an APK or .aab file. It is your app file. You should upload an APK or .aab file to a device to run your application.

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