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You can use this template to post fascinating content from the style & beauty world.

To start working with templates, visit the “Easy start” section.

Easy-Start is storage of topical app templates. Each template already has a preset of activities and content necessary for this specific app category. Later, you can modify these components.

To reach the templates list, press the Easy Start button on the upper side of your new project page.

Choose the “Fashion” template, give your future app the name in a specific field, and press the Build this app button.

This template consists of four circled topical photo galleries: Make up, Hair, Skin, Fashion. They are placed in a Carousel group, which makes them easily scrollable. You can add numerous photo galleries in this Carousel group without overloading the user interface.

Below, there are three custom pages (also placed in a Carousel group) headlined as Make up tips. Each of these tips activities consists of an image and a text below.

Below this Carousel group, there are 4 photo galleries. They are put in a grid, which makes the Hair styles section look compact.

After this block, you can place Native ads in a static List group.

After it, there is a List group called Fashion shows. It consists of YouTube activities.

Below, you can see 3 photo galleries themed as Collection 2021. These last activity icons have a big size, but they look laconic, being placed in a scrollable Carousel group.

In the end, there is a link card forwarding users to the Google Play market. It is called the “Rate us” section.

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