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This template helps you promote your educational course.

To start working with templates, visit the “Easy start” section.

Easy-Start is storage of topical app templates. Each template already has a preset of activities and content necessary for this specific app category. Later, you can modify these components.

To reach the patterns list, press the Easy Start button on the upper side of your new project page.

Choose the “Education” template, give your future app the name in a specific field, and press the Build this app button.

The template starts with a big “How to earn money online” button. This is a custom page. When a user presses the button, he/she reaches the text document with a feature image on the top. Here, you can post basic information about your course and put some necessary links.

Below, there are represented the Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Pro. These are 3 custom pages put in a scrollable Carousel group. These activities contain information about various course options depending on the level of a student.

After it, you can organically place a Native ads block.

Below, there are 4 photo galleries compactly put in a grid. They consist of graduates’ pictures sorted by seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn.

Under the Last year graduates, there are 3 YouTube activities in a Carousel group called Our sessions.

Below, there is a Link card activity called Book a class today. A user clicks it and reaches a page of signing for a free lesson.

In the end, 2 Link card activities are linking to your Facebook and Instagram pages, correspondingly.

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