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Content app

Types of content #

Audio #

Video #

Text #

Images #

Audio content #

For the Audio content you can create an app with sounds, ringtones, mp3 tracks, podcasts, radio streams

You can also use Audio Player Online and insert url with audio

If you want to create a podcast, use Podcast component

You can also create Radio player

You can find different Audio templates at Andromo Easy-start

Video content #

You can use Youtube component and insert your single link, or link to the playlist, the channel or even the username

You can insert embedded video to the Custom page component

You can insert link from Twitch or any other service and make your app a streaming source!

Text content #

You can create an app with the text content using Custom page

Or create a eBook app




Images content #

You can create beautiful apps with pictures. For example – Wallpapers

Simply upload your photos to the gallery, design it, and your wallpaper app is ready!

Create thematic wallpapers apps and attract audience!

That’s all we wanted to tell you about how to create content apps.

Also – check our video on How to create an app from scratch

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