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The best way to develop IOS and Android apps is to use Andromo, the world’s first Flutter-based builder. Working on the new version, we paid attention to ergonomics and tried to reduce the depth of clicks as much as possible. As a result, you are working on the same page all the time.

An interface of Andromo easy app builder is visually divided into two parts that correspond to different aims.  

The left side of the app builder is devoted to global settings.

Here is the Components section which contains all application activities. You may choose ones that match your app concept.

The style section is where you can pick a general color theme and the appearance of the application. We have made seven preset color solutions that harmoniously combine. Four of them are done in the light color spectrum, three in the dark one.

The basic settings section defines your app name, icon, pro features.

Monetize is where you figure the monetization of your app. You may work with AdMob or Facebook ads. With either of these ad networks, you can set running interstitials, static banners, and native ads. Additionally, you may plug a splash screen to your app.

The Services button provides you with an opportunity to set Firebase Analytics, One Signal, and other services we will add.

The build section is the place where you can build your app. You can receive your app file by email or download a link to it.

On the central screen part, there are also quick access buttons to make your experience with Andromo even more comfortable.

The right part of the builder is created for customization of every particular element.

To start using a builder you have to realize your app will consist of four parts.

A navigation drawer lets you switch between activities in the app menu.

An app bar is the upper part of the screen.

A dashboard is basically the home screen of your app.

Activities are features that can be customized separately in the right part of the builder.

If you go right, you will be able to choose an icon and the size of each activity. Make it look the way you want, put features in a suitable order, choose icon placement on a dashboard.

To make sure Andromo is the best tool to develop an Android app, as well as IOS, you can test-drive the builder during a two-week free trial.

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