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An Action button is an activity that allows you to add shortcuts on app’s home screen. You can add a quick access card forwarding users to a location, phone, link, or mail button on your app dashboard. It has the same functionality as ”Buttons”, but, unlike them, the Action button activity will be displayed on a dashboard as a small icon.

To add the Action button, open the Components section, expand the Buttons category, and choose the Action button.

When the Action button is added, you can set this activity’s parameters from the left side of the preview.

Press the Plus sign (+) to add a new action button. Choose a type of this social button (link, location, mail, or phone), place social buttons’ parameters in specific fields, and choose appropriate icons for each of them. You may also hold and move every social button to change their order.

You can customize your Action button activity in the right part of the builder.


Basic settings of the chosen activity.


Here, you have an URL of this particular activity. You can later use it for cross-linking among other app activities (for example, a custom page).

In this section, you can change the title of your Action button activity, add a subtitle and a description to it. This will help users navigate through your app.


Define the layout of content inside the activity.

You can set a vertical/horizontal direction to quick access buttons, and set the alignment — in the central part, or on the left/right side of the screen; you may space them around / between / evenly.


A visual representation of your activity.


This section defines how this activity’s icon will be shown on the app dashboard.

Tick the Use custom size to set a number of columns in your activity. You will also need to set column and row sizes at the activity’s group level (list or carousel), as well as at the Dashboard level (left side of dashboard settings).

The Action button activity itself also has a settings image (a gear). You can hide, duplicate, or delete the activity.

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