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5 steps to build your app


Before you start developing your first app, we recommend you take a two-week free trial. During fourteen days you will discover the platform’s capabilities and decide on whether or not Andromo satisfies your request.

What is now?

Step #1. Buy a subscription #

Andromo platform offers three subscription options — Hobbyist, Pro, and Ultra. The hobbyist is an initial yet mandatory subscription plan. You can practice in app building, publish your apps, but monetization is impossible. Pro package is the trendiest subscription plan where you start earning money from monetization. The last one, Ultra, does not limit you in the number of apps to develop. Moreover, it has the most flexible ad settings compared to the Pro package.

Step #2. Choose a template #

Our team has taken care of your potential requests. We have made a list of ready-to-use topical templates called Easy-Start. This decision is perfect for those who want to save extra time and avoid constructing features manually.

Step #3. Customize #

Design your app dashboard and each activity separately. You are free to choose color themes, feature icons, their size, and order. Let your app interface reflect your overall concept. This step will influence feature users’ experience with your app.

Step #4. Upload your content #

Choose an activity where you want to put your content. Choose every piece of it (for instance, pictures, audio files, or PDF documents) and upload it to your app with just one click.

Support of Firebase Analytics allows keeping your content on a cloud server. As a result, your app will never be over-sized.

Step #5. Monetize #

Set monetization if needed. You may define an ad run period by yourself, which makes promotions even more effective. Use AdMob and Facebook ads. Set an ad space in your app and get revenue from every time a user watches or interacts with it.

Done! Now you can build and download your app file (APK or AAB) and place it on the global market.

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