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The Story of Andromo App Maker (so far)...

Mobile apps are the future. Already more people across the planet use mobile devices more often than any other type of computer. This trend is only going to continue as mobile technology continues to grow. Many experts predict in the future a mobile device will be your only computer.

The mobile app market is going to be worth as much as $77 billion in 2017. Android is dominating all other mobile devices platforms. It currently has a market share more than six times as big as that of Apple’s IOS devices. There have been over 50 billion Android app downloads to date!

The best news about the future of mobile apps is that it will not be the exclusive playground of coders and programmers. Thanks to the amazing app making platform Andromo, anyone with an idea can now turn that idea into an amazing app. You don’t need to know a single line of code to create your app and get into the Google Play store.

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