A hotlist of best Android app store alternatives 2021.

Building an outstanding mobile application is only the first step in a big way. Here, you, as a developer, think over your promotion strategy. Which app store will let you earn more money? Which one is the most comfortable for you and users? A vast majority will lean towards classy Google Play because it guarantees the audience’s attention. Consider choosing an Android app store alternative with a number of benefits. Let us name some options.

But first, let us discuss the disadvantages of the most obvious choice – Google Play. A primary issue is a competition. The more apps are uploaded – the fewer chances to be downloaded your app has. Here are some extra arguments for going alternative road:


You will work with more promotion instruments and options.


Some of these Android alternative stores offer to boost your app to the top of the list, discounts on advertising, etc.


Recommendations are genuinely relevant. Another app stores form recommendation lists using alternative algorithms so that the fulfillment of the top ten apps in any category differs from Google Play.


You will face extra target audience settings - some of the app stores are highly specific when it comes to apps' topics, age, quality, etc.


Some apps are only localized in particular stores; they are not spread globally.

Now it is time to introduce you to our new heroes.

1Mobile Market

If you want to test demand for your app – upload it here. 1Mobile Market is made for free apps only. Do not be scared by the fact that uploading apps there is costless. It does not mean ugly offers pollute the marketplace. Each app goes through a strict selection – so a general market quality is invariably high.

Why the 1Mobile Market? Your app can become trendy quickly. A system ranges applications by users’ preferences and builds a personalized recommendation list. Over 100 million downloads – sounds good enough to place your product here.

Amazon Appstore

Pretty young and ambitious compared to Google Play, it is a strong competitor. In case you didn’t know, a piece of news that the app market on Amazon grows daily will come as a surprise.

A developer may face some difficulties while adapting apps to Amazon and Fire OS it uses, though

Why Amazon Appstore? You will have the possibility of publishing web apps and HTML5 apps. The customer base is vast. A navigation system is perfectly simple.


This one is a pretty old game player. It appeared in the app store business even earlier than fabulous Google Play. After it, SlideME is the second most popular marketplace that can be found on Android devices.

Why SlideME? You can pay with PayPal. Charges for every app purchase are limited to only 20 percent.

Opera Mobile Store

No one can compete with Opera in terms of leadership in the Russian app market. It has an enormous customer base because of a direct link to Yandex. Over 100 million users visit the app store every single day.

Why Opera Mobile Store? Getting in touch with a vast audience is free. The sales volume is so fantastic that 30% rollback from any sale is definitely worth participating in.


This market holds a borderline state between an app store and a social network. Applications are regarded as posts on social media – each from millions of users can comment on them, share installed ones. Publishing an application is entirely free.

Why Mobile9? Here, it is easy to be noticed and chosen. The number of developers is the smallest compared to alternatives. This leads to a wild download rate.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Who will be surprised that a company that produces Android devices has also developed its own app store? Standing out here is comparatively easy as the number of uploaded apps is not so gigantic.

Why Samsung Galaxy Apps? This app store is installed by default on every Samsung Galaxy device. Imagine this large immediate customer base. Please hurry up and go engage them!


Getting popular has never been so easy! An app total is relatively small. So you are born to succeed here.

Why Mobango? App uploading is free. Moreover, the sales percentage is not taken here

Some of the app store alternatives given are quite experimental. You don’t have to substitute Google Play completely. But why don’t you try multiple channels to boost your income?

Although the choice may seem to be a tricky task, do not worry. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each Android app store. Do not be afraid to become a pioneer and take a risk! The result is definitely worth trying.


This one offers to use their virtual currency – GetJar Gold, which is available for millions of active users. It has a freemium model that includes in-app currency and advertisements.

Why GetJar? A superior recommendation system allows more than 30 million users to discover new applications quickly.


This marketplace is experimental from some viewpoints. It exists with the support of donations and is run by volunteers. Only free applications are allowed here. The rule is strict: a policy forbids pushing apps with paid advertising.

Why F-droid? No costs. A vast customer base. You lose nothing – upload your app there and test drive the productivity!