A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


Andromo Developer Hangout #003

This Thursday we had our third Andromo developer hangout. This time we kept the length to under an hour so it won’t take all day to watch. We are planning on having another hangout again in the future but perhaps with a different format, maybe a developer interview, maybe an app review or maybe more of a webinar format where we show you how to accomplish certain tasks using Andromo. If you have any thoughts leave a comment.

When you are done commenting sit back and watch this week’s hangout:

Microsoft Released the Surface Pro 3

On Wednesday Microsoft unveiled the third generation in its “Surface Pro” line. I think that Surface Pro 3 is a pretty terrible name, but I’m sure that someone at Microsoft gets paid a lot more than I get paid, to come up with these names:

The Surface Pro 3 looks like a great device and all the reviews tend to applaud the hardware, but I just can’t see this being anything more than a niche device. Time will tell I guess.

29 Degrees and feeling fine!

Today was a beautiful sunny day in Winnipeg and we finally hit summer temperatures. It made it as high as 29C (84F) and it was a great day to wear shorts in the office.


Have a great weekend!