Week in Review – 2014/05/04

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A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


We’re Giving Away a Professional Subscription!

That’s right, we are giving away a free one year professional subscription to Andromo. You can read more about the contest here: Andromo Twitter Giveaway!

The rules in a nutshell:

  1. Follow @AndromoRocks on twitter.
  2. Retweet our giveaway tweet.
  3. Help ensure that the tweet gets at least 300 retweets by 12:00 noon CDT, on Monday November 12, 2014

Here is the tweet to retweet:

Good luck!

Apple to buy Beats for $3.2 Billion?

Lots of talk yesterday and today on this rumour. Is Apple really going to purchase Beats Audio for $3.2 billion? With all the news and leaks on this I have to say that it seems pretty likely.

Watch this video to see if you can figure out what Apple could be getting out of the deal: Producer Jimmy Iovine at D: Dive Into Media

I like the idea of using the beats subscription curated content service algorithms as a way to help surface and curate App store content, but that’s just me.

Andromo Developer Hangout #003

That’s right we are hosting a third Andromo developer hangout on May 22nd at 11:00am CDT. We hope you can joing us, but if you cannot ask a question on the moderator page.

Spring is Here!