A look back on the week in Andromo, Android, Mobile, and stuff…


Andromo Developer Hangout #002

We held our second Andromo developer hangout this week and boy was it epic (at least in length)! We seem to be getting some positive responses to the hangout and there were some people who wanted to participate but couldn’t make. Because of this we have decided to hold another Andromo Developer Hangout in the coming weeks. The event page isn’t up yet, but if you want you can ask a question on the Andromo Developer Hangout #003 Moderator page.

You can also watch the entire hangout below:

Android Silver

Lorne dropped the Silver word during the hangout so I thought I’d post a link to some information on the project here: Google’s Nexus phones will reportedly be replaced by premium Android Silver handsets. It’s all rumour for now, but with all of the sites reporting on this, it seems like it’s going to happen. I’m really thinking of this as a more refined and well named Google Play Experience. We’ll see.

Andromo Around the Web

iDropdSpace has a nice review of Andromo: Andromo – Platform To Create Android Apps Without Coding. Andromo is number seven, seems a bit low to me…

There are three kinds of lies

I also mentioned this in our Hangout but it’s still pretty fascinating: IDC: Samsung shipped more smartphones in Q1 2014 than Apple, Huawei, Lenovo, and LG combined

This is neat too:

Andromo Development Survey

We have been running a private survey for the last few months for Andromo developers and this week we took the survey public. If you are an Andromo subscriber please take five minutes out of your day to help make Andromo better: Andromo Survey.

May the road rise to meet you.