Here, you can find an answer to an eternal question: an app or a website? Which is better?

There is a new household term – if you are not represented in the mobile world, are you sure you exist in the first place? Yes, it was a joke, but a part of the truth in it is significant. A question from business owners should be about an embodiment of their companies and products on users’ devices. “Should I make a website or an app? Which one is more profitable? What will attract more customers?”, you are curious. Let’s satisfy your curiosity by comparing and contrasting these two options then!

Initially, we want to explain the difference between a website and a mobile application without putting too much specific technical and programmer terms pressure.

Applications are developed for particular operating systems they are run through. Thus, they have first-hand access to all the functions and hardware of a user’s device – camera, microphone, GPS location. Moreover, they can synchronize with a cell phone’s database, such as a photo gallery or a contact list. In addition to that, an improved interface will influence the user’s experience of interaction with an app in an extremely positive way.

The last fight: websites VS mobile apps

A mobile version of a website, on the other hand, often lacks these possibilities. It works through a browser app, and, as a result, is forced to operate with web software. In some cases, issues that appear may ruin the user’s experience. A considerable advantage of websites is that you can run it through any device that actually has browsers. Even though standards of developing mobile versions of websites are pretty similar for every operating system, their design is generally pretty complicated and, not surprisingly, expensive. Cut a long story short; a website is rather an information deliverer than a full-fledged product with a tools pack.

The last fight: websites VS mobile apps

Mobile websites are your best friends when it comes to conveying messages or calls to action. Here, you can represent your product assortment to consumers, ask users to participate in your surveys, etc. What’s more, if the world of SEO is familiar to you, you may promote your website through search systems optimization and reach a new audience.

Yes, apps are more capricious when being designed, but in the end, they are a few levels higher when you compare power and features. Not without purpose, they call apps the new media. Try to count how many times a day you use applications downloaded to your cell phone. We choose them for various reasons – life organizing, work, chill, games, education, inspiration, meditation, motivation, other -ation’s. They significantly simplify our existence in the 21-st century. We highly appreciate their convenience and availability. And business holders have also proven their loyalty to apps – look at the amount of advertising, e-commerce, social, and mass media spread through applications!

Long ago, app developers had to code particular app versions for every OS and device environment. Thank god, it all has changed nowadays. With platforms like, everyone has an opportunity to create apps quickly – no programming skills required. You can currently develop Android apps here, but the platform is updating shortly, and it will become possible to develop IOS apps.

When you ask us, “Should I build an app or a website?” we immediately ask you a counter, yet rhetorical question, “Why not both?”

Who told you that you have to pick only one option? Consider combining these two points of interaction with your audience. It is like a couple – they both have pros and cons, but together they are more robust; they complement each other and strengthen this coalition (or, in our case, united effort of a website and mobile app empowers your business).

After everything you have discovered so far from this article, you can notice that you benefit twice having both a website and an app at disposal. So, if you can afford to develop both options – listen to Nike’s piece of advice and just do it. Otherwise, pick an option that is more representative for your business, comfortable for your audience, and profitable to your wallet. Obviously, this is a hint on a mobile application.

Where to start? An answer has already been mentioned – use the Andromo app builder. The platform does all the work for you – so you may concentrate on producing your app idea and concept, then pay attention to collecting content, and it will be constructed and packed to an app form. The good news is, you don’t have to be experienced in programming or spend money and waste time on educating yourself – a team of professionals has already simplified your life, you better reap the benefits!


You create an account on the Andromo platform.


you buy a subscription (monthly and annual packages are available; subscription plans also differ by several tools and advertising opportunities).


you are a genius; you may call yourself an app developer! Apart from general covering mobile devices' expansion by your business, you may think over monetizing your effort.


The most affordable among them (10$ per month or 96$ per year). It is perfect for developing apps as a hobby or for personal needs. An ability to launch an advertising campaign through the app is restricted, which means you cannot monetize your work and time at this stage.


When you are all good with the platform’s tools, it is the right time to move to Pro package (28$ per month or 252$ per year). You can start earning money from your apps – the aim will be to attract maximum advertisers with your relevant content so that they would love to run an ad campaign specifically through your app.


If you feel like you are ready for all the privileged functions, try Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year). You have no more restrictions on the number of apps you create and the space they take. Once you pay for a subscription – you are free to develop dozens, hundreds, thousands of apps – we are pretty sure you have more than enough motivation and inspiration for that.

There are many promotion opportunities; we recommend implementing ads as an appetizer; this is how you earn money from advertisement run and form a passive income source.

And remember what else do they say, it always seems impossible until it’s done.