Using Git

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We’ve been using Git as our version control (revision control, source control management, whatever you want to call it) system since we started working on Andromo, and so far I’ve loved it. There has been a bit of a learning curve but overall it’s been so much better then (and don’t laugh) Visual Source Safe that the gains outweigh any downsides we’ve experienced.

Whenever I start learning something new on the computer I look for cheat sheets. They tend to save me a lot of time when I’m searching for the syntax of a command or a hint to get out of a problem. Instead of having to Google the solution, it’s right there in front of you, in that messy pile of paper on your desk. (Please ignore the coffee stains)

My favourite Git cheat sheets have been:

They won’t solve all of the questions you might encounter but it will give you enough rope to hang yourself.

Oh and while you’re at it read this: it will help you immensely, even though it won’t fit in that pile on your desk.