To be or not to be an app creator? If you are still weighing the pros and cons, regard this article as a call to action.

As the dynamics of technological progress grows every day, as its influence becomes more potent, we cannot afford to stay aside or to ignore innovations. The moment you have stopped keeping up with the times, you may regard your business as useless and outdated.

People are used to consuming extra simplified information; they want to interact with your business personally and cannot stand any hardship or slowness. When you think about your brand’s representation, you should realize that a mix of a website and social media accounts is not enough anymore. The future belongs to applications. They are convenient, personalized, fast, and they are so-called intermediaries between your business and consumers. The app is an instrument that not only connects a user with a company but explains brand philosophy, helps solve customer’s problems, and, as a result, significantly increases a percentage of client’s engagement.

To conclude, apps are not only a must-have but best friends for your business. The question is – how. How to develop a profitable app. Here you are offered to choose from at least three options.

Number one is – to become a programmer. The absolute advantage is that you rely on nobody but yourself; you are entirely independent in your ideas and realization. The main disadvantage, of course, comes to the time and effort you put in. And to the money you spend educating yourself.

The second option is hiring professional coders. Yes, they will do this work for you. No, nobody guarantees that you will find a perfect team that corresponds to your expectations from the first or tenth try. And again, don’t forget that this service is also paid.

One more choice you can feel free to consider is using a platform that gives you the possibility to develop your app without coding skills or knowing programming languages. Basically, it is an online app creator for Android that poses as a smart constructor and packs your ideas and content into a ready-to-use application. is a leading platform that takes place in a market for a decade, and it is rapidly developing. Today more than 1.1 million people use Andromo as an online app creator. On average, a user can produce up to 20 applications daily. Which should testify that creating an app is not complicated at all if you have caught the wave.

Don’t fail deadlines. To save your time, we recommend using a platform from creating apps from scratch. The most outstanding from them is, a leader on a marketplace for over a decade. Developing apps through platforms is much easier and less energy-consuming – and it does not require any previous programming experience.

Pay attention to rules and regulations in terms of publishing apps to app stores. Otherwise, an app can be rejected, and you will have to reload it with all the mistakes fixed.
By the way, what mobile platform do you plan to use? Do you prefer IOS, Android, or Windows? The process of developing an app, including choosing a builder platform, depends on your operating system priorities.

Forecast ways of monetizing your future app. There are at least four common ways to provide yourself with extra income: paid downloads, implemented advertisement, in-app purchases, and native advertising.

If you are dying to come up with your first app concept, here are some necessary steps of turning an idea into a full-fledged product.

1. Organize market research

Using an app creator online marketing research

Organize market research. Analyze applications that already exist. Try to discover what makes them accessible, what differs one from another. What would you change to make your concept even better?

2. Content time

What would you like to fill your app with? Remember that content should be entertaining and unique – that will be your excellence, USP. Generating fun and useful content, you will engage a broader audience. You may also specify your content for a niche target group instead of a mass-market option.

andromo copywriting

3. Global Idea

Decide on your brand story, corporate values, and general philosophy. Dedicate all the content to one complex global idea. This will help you win the attention of users with the same interests.

4.Brand Identity

Deal with brand identity. Choose a style of your application, create an interface you like, implement your general concept into app design.

5.Create a project for your future app.

Who’s next? An app builder itself waltzes into the game. Create a project for your future app. Choose its name – it should reflect your aim and somehow cooperate with your business.

Create project Andromo

5. Add Activities

Add activities Andromo offers you. There is a long list of top options, like social media activities (synchronization with Facebook, Twitter, etc.), YouTube and website connection, an ability to load PDF files, images, audio tracks, and so on. You can create content and activities by yourself (those will exist only in the app) or leave links to your company’s other sources and accounts.

Monetize Andromo

6. Transform

Transform a project into a fully-functional app. Once you have built an application online and put it on Google Play, it can be downloaded by users.

Sounds pretty easy and inspiring, doesn’t it? gives you 14 days of the free trial period. During two weeks, you will be able to test an app builder, activities, instruments of a platform. After the trial, you will be asked to buy a subscription that gives full access to builder functions.

There are three subscription plans to choose from. The initial option is the Hobbyist (10$ per month or 96$ per year). Here you can create apps and load them to Google Play. The next step is the Pro package (28$ per month or 252$ per year). An enormous privilege here compared to a more affordable option is an ability to implement advertisements inside the app. See, you can not only develop apps but monetize them and make an ordinary hobby a source of passive income. If you do not want to stop at this stage – switch to the Ultra package (48$ per month or 432$ per year) with unlimited opportunities in terms of ad frequency and relevance. Only in the last two options, you have no restrictions when it comes to the number of apps you can create and free space for them.

Congratulations! You are totally ready for using an Andromo app creator online!