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Exciting Changes Coming to Andromo App Maker for Android

It’s been an exciting journey here at Andromo. In just a few short months:

  • We’ve gone from zero to 84,718 awesome users.
  • You’ve created 77,387 app projects.
  • Our cloud servers have run 109,323 app build processes without missing a beat. Each time generating custom source code for your app, plus compiling, linking and emailing it to you. And we manage to do that all in 5 minutes or less – most of the time anyways!
  • You’ve already published over 4,000 Android apps on Google Play. And the apps you’re making just keeping getting better and better.
  • We’ve gone from offering you a handful of powerful app activities to almost 20 now. And we’ve got ideas for dozens more.
  • Apps made with Andromo have served up hundreds of millions of ads.
  • Our downtime can be measured in minutes, and that’s only been due to deploying feature updates so you can make cooler apps.

Like I said, it’s been a crazy fun adventure already, and we’re just getting started.

But, as you no doubt already know, we’re not the sort of people who like to stick with “good enough.”

Heck, we don’t want Andromo to be 2nd best at anything – and that includes being the best value app maker too. So, when you spoke, we listened.

What You Asked For…

  • You asked for an “all the apps you can make” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for an “I keep 100% of the advertising” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “sell as many apps on Google Play as you can make” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “premium/Gold activities for all my projects” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.
  • You asked for a “Google Analytics in all my projects” plan, and we’re going to give it to you.

And of course, you wanted all of those things at a super affordable price…

So we’re going to give it to you.

What We’re Going to Do…

On Monday June 25, Andromo will be switching over to a new developer membership/subscription format. Here’s how it will work.

For only $25/month or $99/year (limited time introductory offer – a savings of $200) you’ll get full access to everything listed below:

  • Make as many apps as you want. Whether you want to make one app or a hundred, it’s all the same price.
  • Use all the activities in Andromo, including what were previously ‘Gold’ activities, like Phone, Email and Contact.
  • Access to all future activities, including Podcast, SHOUTcast Radio, Audio Playlists and PDF Viewer (which were slated to be ‘Gold’ activities) – which will be released shortly!
  • Turn off the advertising in any app you make.
  • Sell any app you make on Google Play.
  • Keep 100% of the advertising space/revenue for yourself instead of just 50%.
  • Enable Google Analytics in all your apps and start understanding your users better.
  • Access to all feature enhancements, bug fixes, improvements, and updates.
  • As long as you keep your subscription active, you’ll be grandfathered in to that pricing plan. So, when we raise the price in the future, you won’t need to worry about it.

All told, it’s a crazy, awesome, amazing deal.

But that’s not all. Every current Andromo developer will be receiving an email when we switch over that will include a one-time offer to sign up for an annual subscription plan at an even further, super discount. How much? Let’s just say you won’t be able to say no to it. It’s just our way of saying thanks to you for your loyalty.

What Happens Otherwise?

First off, don’t worry. Any app you’ve already built is safe and sound. We’re not jerks.

Once you build an app with Andromo, it’s yours. Andromo apps won’t just stop working or anything weird like that.

However, if you want to continue to improve your app, add new features, release a new version of it etc., you’ll need to have an active subscription in order to ‘Build’ the final app (the .APK file). If you don’t – the ‘Build’ button will not work for you.

Consider for a moment that other less-awesome app makers are charging $29 – $99 per month for every app you make. Some of them charge much more than that too. Plus, they’ll shut down your app if you stop paying. In fact, that’s a huge difference between Andromo’s native Android app generation versus a ‘cross platform’ hosted/HTML pseudo-app. We can’t just ‘turn off’ your app remotely – that was a choice we made when we started this whole thing. It’s not fair to you and we don’t support it.

Once you build an app with Andromo it’s yours forever. We’re not here to mess around with you. We know you’ll keep coming back and making apps (and telling your friends and colleagues) if we’re fair, honest and up-front with you…and we keep giving you the best deal anywhere. If we ever don’t live up to that expectation, you can cancel your subscription anytime and we won’t bill your next payment. It’s that simple.

What if I Already Purchased a Gold Upgrade for One of My Apps?

We’ve got your back. We’ll automatically upgrade your whole account to a paid-up annual subscription for whatever time is left on your Gold package, plus we’ll tack on an extra three months for free.

Think of it as getting Gold upgrades for all the apps you have in your account, as well as any other apps you decide to make in the future. Plus, you’ll also be able to receive 100% of the advertising revenue, rather than just 50%.

Final Thoughts…

So, to sum it up – we know you’re going to get a ton of value out of Andromo’s new subscription format. We know you’ll make more than you’ll pay us. But, hey! – That’s just the way we roll…

Thanks for all the great times so far, and here’s to many more.


Colin Adams, President
Indigo Rose Software Corp
– the guys who bring you Andromo… 🙂



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105 Responses

  1. So we now have to pay to build our app? Well guess I should go look for another site to build a free app. I wouldn’t of bought a developers license a month ago if I knew this was going to happen.

      1. i think he may be talking about the license you have to buy from google in order to publish in apps in the play market

        1. Ahhh – I see. Just so other people understand, that is a $25 one-time fee that Google charges if you want to distribute on Google Play. Which of course you do! And just to be clear, we don’t see a dime of that.

  2. So, in other words, we won’t be able to do anything for our apps unless we pay something?!? What happened to it being free?

    1. Any apps that you have already completed will remain active and continue to function after we’ve made the switch to the new pricing model. However once we do switch, a valid subscription will be required to build your apps. There are lots of benefits though, 100% of the ad revenue, access to the Gold activities, etc.

      1. This just means, andromo for me is not worth more then my .apk file on my computer i already have.. Sorry, but I hope lots of people won’t accept this changes..

        At least u should keep on the free membership, otherwise u will lose a lot of costumers..

        This means next time people do changes on their apps, they will notice only at the end, that they have to pay now.. Then they can either decide to loose their work they had or pay. Not very customerfriendly..

        1. Yes, unfortunately people just making an app or two for their own personal use aren’t going to be very happy with this new direction. I wish I could tell you something that would ease that, but I can’t. The costs to develop, maintain and support Andromo are huge. This new format ensures that people making apps for distribution on Google Play, whether ad supported, paid or free (business promotional apps, company apps etc), will be able to count on Andromo being a strong platform with continuing new features, great support and fast build times.

        2. Hi Patrick,

          You are entitled to your opinion, if you don’t think that your app is worth the money then by all means do not continue using Andromo, but I don’t know why you would hope we fail in our new endeavor. I’m not sure how that would help anyone. We believe that Andromo is worth the price that we are planning on charging. Being able to collect 100% of the ad revenue or turn of ads and sell your app is worth quite a bit.

          We are trying to get the word out to our active customers, using our blog, facebook, forums, twitter, and google+ so that our customers are not surprised by the change.

  3. I’m a little disheartened by this – $25 is a lot of money to spend each month and for the sake of the 1 app (which is very low income for me), it doesn’t seem worthwhile me bothering to update it. You should have a free option, even if it limited to the current setup so those who can’t afford to pay that price, can update the basics of the app (icons, layout etc).

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comments – we really do appreciate them. A few things that I think you’ll like with this new system are:

      1- You will be able to take 100% of the ad revenue – so, basically you’ll double your money there.
      2 – You can make as many apps as you want, either with ads or without, so you can try your hand at charging for apps on Google Play too if you want.
      3 – The annual subscription price is a big savings over the monthly option, plus we’ll be emailing out a special offer to all current users when we launch. I think once you see it, you’ll be quite pleased.
      4 – The $25/month option can be cancelled anytime and then reinstated whenever you feel like it. So, say you only need to make updates every few months – you can just buy a month here and there.


      1. Hi Colin,

        While I appreciate the amazing offers and understand the business aspect of it, I see this as a large wall for hobbyist like myself and probably lots of your users.

        I have to say Point 4 is a workaround but months after an update might make us lose our active installs.

        Kindly consider a limited free plan in your business model.




  4. I agree with some users here… I just started to use andromo recently, made one app, have over 6k of downloads, didn’t even work out how to include ads to my app (besides when I pay for them via AdMob) and suddenly i have to pay $25 a month… hmmm.. i am sure, there will be a few users accepting this offer (those who have already worked out how to get some income flow..), however for me as a novice into this business, paying $25 a month for building an app, then another 10+ bucks to add ads into it with AdMob and hope my strategy will work- it’s just doesn’t add up..
    You will slowly stop gaining new members=new business, there are other websites like andromo.. your potential customer will move elsewhere they can just give it a ago for free…
    You need to keep features-limited FREE option (even cut the features of current free membership), let us grow and develop our skills first…
    Anyway, wasting my time here I guess…

    1. Hi Androapp,

      If you want to generate AdMob revenue via your app you will need to add your AdMob id to your app. More information on this is available in the knowedge base: https://support.andromo.com/kb/common-questions/how-to-get-an-admob-publisher-id

      Also, the $25.00 a month (or $200.00 a year) isn’t for one app, it’s for all apps. So if your app is generating $15.00 a month and you add another you might start making $30.00 a month, then you add another and you’ll be making $45.00 a month. PLUS in the past you were getting 50% of the ad revenue now you will be getting 100%, so take what you were making and multiple it by 2.


      1. Hi Mark,

        I appreciate you trying to placate everyone with your caculations, but I’m afraid they’re somewhat flawed. Let’s take your example, and use your current business model versus your proposed model.

        Current model:
        I pay nothing per month, earn $15.00 per month in ad revenue, which leaves me $7.50 per month free and clear; two apps = $15.00 per month free and clear; three apps per month = $22.50 free and clear.

        Proposed model:
        I pay $25 per month ($16.67 per month using the annual subscription). 1 app = $15.00 revenue, leaving me -$10.00 in the hole; 2 apps = $30.00 in revenue, $5.00 free and clear; 3 apps = $20.00 free and clear. I have to be earning the same revenue on 4 apps per month to start making more than I currently could using your existing business model.

        Allowing us to keep 100% of the advertising seems like a great deal for us, but, come on, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not going to change your business model unless it drives more profits into your pocket. Please don’t smudge the numbers to make us feel better – it doesn’t. You know as well as this demonstration has provided that you will be earning more money through your new model than through the old.

        Hopefully you’re right, and this venture into a new bottom line will reward you. But, I can say this… what attracted me to your site was the ability to generate and use the free app tools to build a working app, and start from scratch as a complete newby. Do I expect you to be totally altruistic and provide everything for free? No, of course not, you are a business operator. But you just killed my opportunity to start making money for you, ’cause now I have to go looking for a site that doesn’t charge me up front.

        You knew what your operating costs would be when you started this service… your business model should have satisfied those costs. Changing your model to increase revenues at the expense of customer satisfaction will hurt you in the long run. You’ll end up with only the developers who have the time, skills, and knowledge to produce apps on a consistent basis, but the revenues they generate will be insufficient to sustain you through the long haul.

        It’s a real shame – your site looked promising.

        1. I’m sorry but your math isn’t making sense.

          If you were making $15/mo in ad revenue for one app, under the new system you will be making $30…

          > Allowing us to keep 100% of the advertising seems like a great deal for us, but, come on, you’re an entrepreneur and you’re not going to change your business model unless it drives more profits into your pocket. Please don’t smudge the numbers to make us feel better – it doesn’t. You know as well as this demonstration has provided that you will be earning more money through your new model than through the old.

          In fact, we were making huge amounts of money on the advertising – we know for certain Andromo developers are making lots of money showing ads in their apps. Unfortunately, we had a few huge problems come up:

          1. Apps generate much greater ad revenue if they have their own custom AdMob ID with full descriptions, category placement and links to the app on Google Play.
          2. It was not feasible to add a unique ad code of our own to each of the tens of thousands of apps made with Andromo. There is no automated way to do this.
          3. Because of this, we received less revenue than our members.
          4. Even more importantly, we had a number of members who abused the Andromo system and created apps that were against Google’s/AdMob’s terms of use. Because of this, our advertising revenue stream was shut down repeatedly for all Andromo apps…

          So, there you have it. Our serious and committed users will greatly benefit from this new plan. Now that you know the full story, I think you’ll agree.

          1. Hi Admin,

            Thanks for the response, but I think you need to re-read my math. You’ll notice that the $15-per-month app was gross revenue, not net. It would take 4 apps to catch up to the old system.

            I understand the problems with the abuse causing your revenue stream to be shut down – but then so was the developer’s, right?

            You have not succeeded in convincing me that your new model is more revenue-friendly for your developers unless they are the large, full-time developers that your new model seems to be directed at. Small potatoes like me mean nothing anymore. Now that you see it from my side, I think you’ll agree?

          2. If you’re currently making $7.50 a month, that’s $90 a year. Getting 100% of the ads will double that to $180/year, at a cost somewhere between $25 for one month (if your apps never need updating) to $99 a year. So even if you pay for the full year subscription, you’ll still make $81, which is only $9 less than you would have made before when it was free. And that’s assuming you still have only one app. (And that’s also without considering the special deal we’ll be offering the current users, which will reduce your costs even further.)

            As Mark pointed out, under the new model you will be able to make “pro” versions of your apps at no additional cost (as opposed to $200 per app before), which opens up another door to earning money with your apps.

            Further to what Colin mentioned:

            We wanted to keep Andromo free if we could, but we repeatedly lost access to our own ad revenue (for all apps) due to users making illegal apps. Keeping the 50-50 split going forward was actually going to risk jeopardizing the service for everyone else.

            We’ve also had a lot of users ask us for changes (as detailed in Colin’s blog post).

            So we sat down and asked ourselves how we could (a) make the service better for everyone and (b) change the model so we didn’t have to split the ad impressions 50-50 any more to pay for the service.

        2. Further to Colin’s comments:

          First you do not need to maintain your monthly subscription for the entire year. You can pay the $25.00 to generate your apps and then cancel your subscription. After you cancel your apps will continue to give you 100% of the ad revenue. So if you made your four apps in the first month and then cancelled you would end up ahead. It’s also a much different story if your app makes a lot of money per month, now you get 100% of it.

          Second the new option lets you remove ads from your app and sell a “pro” version of your app, which will give you another revenue stream.

          1. Thanks for all the feedback. The conversation and counterpoints could go back and forth forever – pretty pointless really.

            May I ask – not being in the app developer business – how does your model measure up to other available opportunities?

          2. Not a problem, I feel that our pricing is fair and a very good deal when you compare to the rates that our competitors charge per app and/or per install. I also happen to think that Andromo is the best Android app maker out there. I have not see one competitor that creates apps that are as good as ours.

    2. @androapp – Just one other thing to clarify, there is no “$10+ bucks to add ads into it with AdMob”. An AdMob account is free. And as Mark mentioned, you’ll be getting 100% of the ad revenue now instead of 50%.

      But, thanks for the comments. We really do appreciate them.

      1. that is not quite true… While creating an account with AdMob is free, serving ads isn’t and you need to have funds in your account if you want to use their service. Similar model as andromo will be using soon = register for free, create cool simple app, BUT pay if you want to build it. ..

        1. Hi androapp,

          I’m not sure what you mean? I use AdMob in my apps and I have never had to pay any money at all? Unless it’s a regional issue I think that you might be mistaken.

          You should only have to pay AdMob if you want to advertise for something e.g. an advertiser. If you are a publisher (i.e. you have ad space in your app and you want advertisers to show ads in that space) then AdMob pays you and the service is free.

        2. You are looking at AdMob’s ‘Advertiser’ options. That’s where you pay to display ads in other people’s/company’s apps.

          You want a ‘Publisher’ account. That’s where they pay you to show ads in your app. You simply plug your Publisher ID into Andromo and then sit back and watch AdMob and Google pay you for the privilege. It’s not just free, it makes you money. If your app is popular, it can pay you lots and lots of money. But that depends on how good your app is of course!

          1. thanks mate, i must be really looking at advertiser option… thanks for advice!

  5. This is great. 25 a month for as many apps as you want. Thats a great deal. To some comments above, seriously guys its 25.00 a month!!!! that’s it. Thats cheap as hell. If you cant afford 25.00 you probably shouldn’t be in this business.

    1. Hey Doug – Thanks for the support. We’re doing this because:

      1. We think it’s the best way for our users to be as successful as possible
      2. We think it’s the best way for Andromo to grow and continue to offer new features and capabilities.

      It’s tough to balance the wants and needs of everyone, but in the end this new plan is very good for anyone making apps that will be uploaded to Google Play. That includes everyone from people making one-off free/promo apps for their business/service/company/organization to entrepreneurs wanting to make 100 apps and monetize them. The new pricing just makes it more viable than our old ‘$200 to remove the ads’ plan – which just doesn’t fit enough people’s needs.

      Thanks for sticking by us! Great new things will be coming soon.

  6. Really gutted that you have to start paying to build an app. I am just learning HTML, don’t know how to use the SDK and don’t have an app in showcase to subsidise the monthly fee. I simply can’t afford to pay for what basically is a hobby at the moment. You should keep a free option for people like myself. I really like andromo but obviously I will have to stop using it once you switch over to subscriptions. I would not have joined if I knew you were going to do this. It will all have been a complete waste of time. Disgraceful. Hugely disappointed.


    1. Hi David, I’m glad you started learning HTML rest assured that it’s never a waste of time to learn something.

      I’m also not sure what you mean when you said that you don’t know how to use the SDK so you don’t have an app in the showcase? If you are using Andromo then you don’t need to use the SDK (unless you need it to take screenshots) in order to upload your app to Google Play. If you are having trouble open a support ticket or ask a question on the forums and we’ll help you out.

      1. Hi Mark,

        Sorry, but I think you missed the point I was trying to make. The point is that I think it is too much to ask people who are just learning to make apps to pay that kind of money. Why can’t you keep it free (but allow limited functionality) for people like me until we become more experienced enough to build professional apps. I just think it very shortsighted to stop the next generation of app builders before they have a chance to grasp the concept.


        1. Hi David,

          Please see the admin’s response to iamandromo above for some more information as to why we went this route and didn’t keep it free.

  7. I think Andromo is super for someone like me who could never get his head round the coding. And as a pensioner on limited means I am fearful of that the monthly charge will be. Less then $10/month for my budget.
    Otherwise I can never even upgrade exisiting apps

    1. I’m sorry to hear that Ian. Hopefully your apps will generate some extra revenue for you. Please remember that you do not need to maintain your subscription and can keep it valid a single month to work on your projects.

      Also as the blog post says current developers will get a one-time offer at a super discount, so wait and see what that will be before making your decision.

      1. How much revenue would ads realise. I have developed quite a few apps, but the most succesful is just passing the 1000 downloads.
        Hope the initial discount is a good one!

        1. It all depends on how many people use your app. It’s important to promote your app, spread the word etc – just like marketing any product. When it hits, you can make lots of money. And yes, the one-time discount for current users will be a *very* good deal.

  8. OMG!! Count me in!!
    With the economy as it is, this is a great opportunity for a Hack like myself to earn some extra income to pay the bills.

    1. Awesome! Thanks for your support. There is definitely a ton of opportunity to make money by creating Android apps! Since the new plan lets you make all the apps you want, plus keep 100% of the ads – or sell your app without ads – or make apps for clients as a consultant – you’ll have a lot of ways to bring in money.

        1. The emails were sent off around 6 pm central time. If you’re an existing Andromo user and you didn’t get an email, you might want to check your spambox and make sure your ISP isn’t filtering your emails.

          However — you don’t need the email for the special offer. If you log in to Andromo you will automatically get the special offer on the subscription page if you qualify (it’s based on your sign-up date).

  9. I agree with all those who would request that Andromo maintain a free option exactly as it is currently offered or at the very least, offer a “watered down” version of the super dooper deluxe one you are planning for a lower rate, such as $9.99 or $14.99 per month. At least that way you would be presenting the hundreds of developers who are happy with your service a CHOICE instead of forcing them into a one-size-fits-all-plan that may NOT fit all, because perhaps all those using the service aren’t yet ready to suddenly start paying $25 per month. It’s also not very cool to just spring this on people with what, a week’s notice? All things being equal, you may want to consider offering a few options, again so that the users of the service could have a choice as to what option is right for them. I’m fairly new to the service and the am working on a few apps, but the first one that I will be releasing will be one that is given away as a free app. Why would I pay $25 per month to make something I’m going to give away when the possibility of generating revenue from ads is slim at best? Well, nothing free lasts forever, so I suppose this was unavoidable, but I’m going to have to seriously think twice about what I decide to do. Well, Andromo, either way, it’s been a great run and I’ve learned an awful lot. Thanks!

    1. We’ve played around a lot with the pricing models, trying to find something that would reasonable for both business users as well hobbyists, students etc. The annual pricing will be *much* less expensive over time. In fact, we plan to offer a $99/year promo rate for new users (versus $300 per year if you pay by the month). We want to give Android app developers access to the tools they need to make apps at a price that gives them confidence that they can succeed.

      As for a ‘watered down’ version, nothing is off the table. But, where do we draw the line? Which ‘activities’ in Andromo would be in that version?

      1. >>> ADMIN

        ” As for a ‘watered down’ version, nothing is off the table. But, where do we draw the line? Which ‘activities’ in Andromo would be in that version? ”






        and sorry about CAPS..

        1. Thanks for the suggestions, the only problem with your watered down version is that it’s basically us giving everything away for free in the same manner that we currently are. Check our admin’s and lorne’s responses to iamandromo above for the reasons why we are moving away from the free model. Still we do appreciate suggestions and we will work to make all of our customers happy.

      2. A current user offer of $99/year is tantalising- it’s that or make amendments and then a few times a year pay $25 for one month. That could be interesting: if I paid $25 for a month would that be an automatic opt-out at the end of the month?
        And am I right in thinking that all that would happen to current users is that the Build button wouldn’t work? Would there still be an option, e.g. to add a new screenshot without an active subscription?

        1. Ian, I believe that the subscription would be on going but you could cancel at any time. So if you wanted it to be just for a month, you could subscribe and then cancel. But things are still being worked out, so I might be wrong about that.

          You are correct, you would still be able to work on your app, just not build it. What do you mean by add a new screenshot? Do you mean to the showcase?

          1. If I wasn’t going to alter the actual app, but decided that an extra/different screenshot would be a good idea, could I go to the Upload section and insert the new shot and save?

          2. Yep — you can continue to edit your projects without a subscription. You only need an active subscription in order to build the .apk.

        2. A current user offer of $99/year is tantalising

          Actually the offer for current users will be even better than $99/year. 🙂 (We’ll be sending emails to our existing users with all the details when we launch.)

    2. Thanks for the comments glad you enjoy using Andromo. I just wanted to point out that we are offering two price options now $25/month or $99/year (savings of $200) plus we will have a really good deal for all of our existing customers.

      Also remember that you don’t need to keep your subscription valid for the entire year. You can get it for a month, build your app and then cancel. While your subscription is cancelled your app will still work and you will still get 100% of the ads. You just won’t be able to build it on Andromo.com without a subscription.

  10. Will we finally be able to change the package name? Having andromo in the package name is still a sneaky way of advertising even though we are paying for all ads to be removed.

    1. The big reason we haven’t let people change that is simply because it will break your app and cause tons of problems if you change it after the app is out there – and it’s not really something we can protect people from unless we don’t let it be changed… But hey, we’ll see what we can do!

      1. However, this point is important I think you should give an option, at least with new applications.

  11. You could have a basic service where we could still edit and build our apps, but don’t receive any new activities released or any software updates. I’m not making apps to make any money. I just want to make free ones for people to use. I don’t mind having text ads on it at all. Please consider this!!!

  12. I’m new here so maybe I’m missing something, but the new pricing model seems practically like a giveaway — anyone who can’t justify that needs to consider whether they really belong in software creation at all.

    1. Hey Gary – Thanks for the support. We really wanted to make the price affordable. Compared to other app makers out there it’s a super bargain, plus Andromo gives you more features, generates *real* native-code apps and just all-around rocks! Basically, we want it to be a no-brainer for you to sign up.

  13. I would be will to pay but as cool as this service is we need more layout options. Like press the app and it goes direct to a web site, more options like when you press the menu button (rate, share,update app,etc), custom app name for google market searches, Better RSS designs like “conduit” , Also would be nice to see a preview as you build so you don’t have to download 10 times to test. intro flash – just saying cause alot of us are sharing your codes and can’t overlay a different service on the google market. I’m stuck for now but i’m eager to see the next level with my credit card i hand.

    1. Hey Steven,

      Thanks for all the great suggestions. We’ve got a massive pile that we’re working through, but the goal is to make Andromo as awesome as possible. When we launched this thing, we basically had an RSS activity and a Website activity. Now we’re closing in on 20 different activities.

      We’ve got some really cool ideas for dashboard customization coming up in the future too!

      It’ll be a fun ride for sure.

  14. Hey there,

    I have one simple question.

    Will I be better off upgrading now, or should I wait until your changes to the subscription model will take effect?

    1. Hi Moe,

      We’ve actually disabled the old ‘one-off’ upgrade option, as we’re so close to launching. To be honest, it would be all about the same. Anyone who had purchased a single-app upgrade previously will be upgraded for free to the new system with an equivalent value of free subscription time (plus a bonus for being an early supporter of Andromo of course!)

      Thanks for your support – we look forward to welcoming you as a subscriber!!!


  15. Hi,

    I made an application through Audio Player activity. It is superb but missing searching of audio files option.

    Could you please add this facility too?

  16. can you at least add the ability to save audio files as ringtones and notifications when you launch the new subscriptions? This will make it easier to sell apps and make money

  17. Am I reading this right? I can pay for 1 month, make an app, download the app and keep the non-branded, no-advertising file with no further expense and own the app?

    Anyway, even if that is not right, by paying the hundred bucks annually, we don’t have to pay $200 for a non-branded, advertising free app, right?

  18. I write an app for a charity bike ride that needs constant updating as the ride approaches.. I dont charge as its only for info re ride.

    Cant see my riders paying for this, and the organisation wint use charity money..

    Good job the 500 riders rode their 100 miles yesterday….

    I suppose its goodbye from me, shame really…
    Anyone know another free option?

    1. Hey Paul,

      Sounds like a great cause. Congrats on the ride!

      Like we’ve said, we wish would could keep it free, but it just wasn’t in the cards. We are doing everything we can to keep the cost *way* below everything else out there – and the be frank, there is nothing else that competes with Andromo on a feature-for-feature basis either.

      I know everyone prefers “free” given a choice, but is it worth $0.20 cents per member ($99/500 members) to have the app? I suppose if not, then we’ll be sorry to see you leave.

      Oh – and don’t forget the one-time offer we’ll be emailing out on Monday to early adopters like yourself… We don’t expect to disappoint people with it!

      1. well if you email special offer to your current members on monday, can you please give us some time to respond ? i am leaving early morning to remote area in Fiji for 2 weeks, i might not be able to read and respond… (if there is a time limit when you expect response)….

  19. I’m going to toss some ideas around. Only because I like Andromo and what it has done for me. 🙂

    I really think losing the FREE option is a big mistake. There must be some way to keep it. If for no other reason, just so you can push Andromo.com advertisements and spread the word about your FREE app builder (with subscription option).

    My predictions:
    Your traffic (amount of new developers) is going to go down, down, down until all you have left are the guys that KNOW they can make up the difference in cost. I started building apps a few months ago and didn’t think I could make money at it. Now I know I can. If you had asked me several months earlier to make apps and pay to build them, honestly myself and most others probably would never have even tried. You will lose those people, the novices. A novice can have better IDEAS than professional developers. You need these people.

    The try before you buy option has to be there or you guys are done. Someone else will put out a free app builder with less or more options and there will be no reason to use Andromo. Please don’t shoot yourselves in the foot with this upcoming approach.

    Another point. How do you think people found this site?
    Personally, I didn’t search for a “pay to build android apps” service. FREE is the keyword that got you the traffic to get started. Without the “FREE” keyword or mention of a “FREE APP BUILDER” squarely on your main front page, I really believe you will make some cash for the first year but you won’t have the traffic to maintain this site and pay all your employees. Another free app builder will pop up and you will be replaced totally. We’ve all seen it played out before with free message boards, website builders etc.

    I hope I’m wrong. I’m only speaking out for the newbie app developers that will go find another solution without the FREE option. Maybe you don’t have competition now, but you will.
    Building apps is just like building websites was when they were new. Now look at how many free website builders there are out there! Thousands. How will you compete when others offer a free version and you are stuck with a subscription ONLY based service. How will you gain new developers? Yes, for now you will be cheaper than other app developing software/sites. How long till someone else comes along and undercuts you. It’s quite a gamble.

    Since i probably sound like a Debby Downer by now, here are some suggestions:

    I would suggest that you give users the ability to make 1-2 FREE apps (no strings attached). They will see that they can generate enough money to be successful and therefore continue making apps (paid versions) and you make your money needed to profit. Everyone is happy. They take a low risk chance at a 3rd, 4th and 5th app…so on and so on.

    Suggestion #2
    Give the developer his fully working app for a trial period (24hrs). So he can test it, make sure everything works on his/her device(s). I think if their creation is held in their hands and they can see that it is a fun to use app that they are proud of, they will want to pay to put it on a market (buy your subscription plan).

    If you fear that they will walk away with a working app and you cannot find a way to disable it (because they never subscribed), then you should come up with a way to display their “Virtual App” on your website. Developers need a way to SEE that their app WILL make money. Then they can press the “Build/Subscription” button and then make it a reality.

    Personally, I will continue to use your service. I think it’s a bargain, only because I know I can still profit. New users will probably feel like they are throwing away $25 bucks because they might make one app that fails, never to continue. Sure, you made your $25 up front, but you lost a potential life long customer.

    All I’m saying is, the trick to building a business is getting them in the door to see your product. On the internet, if you can no longer advertise on search engines as a FREE App Builder, most people won’t click and come see what you have to offer them.

    You have to figure, a huge chunk of your users are probably kids. Kids that don’t own credit/debit cards and have to ask their parents to use theirs. They then have to convince their parents that their app ideas will make money. It’s a tough sell. Let them build a working app that the parents can see/use, it’s not such a tough sell. 🙂

    I started building websites years ago with no cash. I upgraded (paid for) hosts when the websites started turning a profit. All my message boards went from free hosts to paid yearly subscriptions as well. Now, I was lucky enough to find Andromo (while it was free) ,and just like before I will get a paid subscription. I have a feeling that that is how most people will get their start as well.

    Sorry for the rant (5am and I’ve had little sleep, hope it makes some sense)

    1. Hey Mike,

      Thanks for the very well thought out comments. They are much appreciated.

      We’ve actually tossed around ‘Suggestion #2’ in some length here. I was a big fan of the idea, and other people here were not.

      How about it? Who else thinks it’s a good idea?

      What about the downsides? One problem that kept being raised is that some people would ‘build’ their ‘demo/expiring’ app and somehow think they should distribute it, causing some trouble… I’m not convinced that is a big issue.


    1. Yes, you’ll now be able to turn off all the ads, or choose to show ads exclusively using your Admob account.

  20. I have 1 app and I update it once a week normally, and am very new to this… If I continue to have my app built on Andromo will it be smarter for me to pay monthly ($25) or to pay the $99 for the year subscription?

    1. There are some very nice things about the $25/month plan:

      1. It’s perfect if you’re new to Andromo and just want to “kick the tires” and give it a try without much risk. I mean, you’ll only be out $25 if you end up deciding app making isn’t for you. Not much of a risk…
      2. It’s pretty affordable for anyone serious about making apps. Coming up with $25 is easier than $99 if you’re just getting started.
      3. You can cancel the monthly subscription whenever you want and then sign up for the yearly price instead.

      That being said, the yearly price is a super deal at $99. For someone who knows they will be updating their app frequently (and it sounds like you already know that keeping your app updated is a “best practice” for app developers – you’ll definitely make better apps and hence more money/happier users…) the yearly is definitely the way to go.


  21. I think 25 a month is a bit steep. I’d be willing to pay 10 to 15 a month though. Gonna see what the special annual subscription offer is, I may go with it. Otherwise I’ll just pay 25 bucks twice a year and just do annual updates on my app. The 99 a year sounds like a decent deal, but hoping that e-mail has a mad deal, I’d pay 50 for a years subscription.

  22. $25.00 is too much? Really? I’ve tried all the other freebie app builders out there and they’re too limited for complex apps.. And that’s why we’re all building them here, aint it. Having said that, if your app doesnt need the developer options Andromo offers, the other app builder sites do offer basic style apps that look professional. And you can put them in the app store.
    It wont be long beforehese guys will give you the ability to write to a db or local browser storage. If you’ve ever tried to use eclipse and the sdk, trust me, Andromo is greatness

  23. So if i allready paid the $200 two months ago, do i have to pay again to use the NEW features for 10 more months? what is this one time offer for. New members or for exsisting members. I update/imporove my app on a regular basis.

    1. Hey Bert,

      We’ve got your back. We don’t forget about the people who supported us. We’re going to automatically convert you account to the new system, plus add a bunch of extra time to your account.


  24. I am very impressed by your customer relations/support.
    Even critical questions are adressed by the Andromo team.
    I hope the transition to the new subscription model will
    be smooth and successful. I will definitely become a paying
    customer as soon as I have figured out your pricing model.

  25. Guys,

    It’s just about 6:00 PM. US Eastern Time & my Inbox is waiting for Andromo emails but so far no luck!

    On your pricing page there’s a limited time offer plan for [XXXX] per year. That’s an AWESOME price but I have two questions.

    Is that the special pricing that you will be extending to existing customers, or is that pricing even better than that?

    Would it be allowed to pre-pay for a few years in advance at that phenom rate?

    Let us know.
    Jason Genser

    1. Hey Jason,

      The email is being queued up right now! But what you’re seeing is correct – if you go to https://www.andromo.com/subscription you’ll see personalized pricing that isn’t on the ‘Pricing’ page.

      And, you can keep that pricing as long as you don’t cancel your subscription. No need to pay extra in advance!

  26. I thought there would be only 2 subscriptions and then i find out there is a Pro version. i wont pay 500 just to get remove the andromo from the about page and be able to customize the package name which are the best in my opinion. then you said it was not possible only to sneak in this pro option. i would not have minded paying 100 for those features upfront but 500 no way. IF there is a addon package to remove the about andromo and be able customize the internal name then that would be great.

    1. We actually changed the wording on the About dialog, so that part of the branding isn’t as strong as it used to be (although it still shows the Andromo logo). And your apps will no longer show any ads for Andromo when admob has no ads available or the network is down. So the amount of branding has been substantially reduced already.

      The price of the Professional subscription will put the new white label features out of reach for some users, but it is primarily intended for businesses and consultants.

      If it isn’t something you can work into your budget at this time, perhaps it’s something you can aim for with the proceeds from a successful app?

  27. Hi,
    Andromo was a great inspiration for a noob like me for building apps. Now that you have started charging for all the type of application. I dont think I would be able to continue with this site.
    I have read all the comments above and would agree with the Andromo’s business model. But they should had kept a basic plan for free for new users to experiment with the things before they could leap in to subscription plan.
    The other thing could be keeping the apps active for free for the current active users, so that it wouldnt hamper the apps already generated from Andromo.
    Now its like ‘PAY or we wont allow you to work’ which is one kind of forced measure by Andromo to users.

    Anyways, would surely love to see a free basic subscription, or as many people have mentioned above. we would like to move to some other sites..


    1. Thanks for the comments. I would like to point out though that any app you already built will continue to work the way it did. We don’t deactivate your app or anything like that. Same with the subscription. Even if you cancel, your apps will continue to work. You just can’t build any more features and changes into them.

  28. Why do you not offer a free preview of your app? I don’t understand the point of building an app for free, just to have no idea what it looks like. I would love to pay if I know it’s worth it, but I’d rather not waste $25 to “find out”. Why can’t you do this?

  29. I love your site.. but i Can’t afford any of your plans i have absolutely no income whatsoever (im 14) and my family only has enough money for bills so i cant ask them. i started using Andromo because it was free, easy, and just plain awesome, i understand that the cost to keep your amazing services running is high but i must ask, can you please let me build my app one more time :/ i havent been able to update it in 6 months because i didn’t have a computer at the time, but now i do, and i have some great ideas for it.. if you say no i’ll totally understand..

    keep up the good work though!

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