Two British companies intend to implement a 5G signal distribution to the British population using high-flying drones. Companies are experimenting with hydrogen-fueled drones at 20,000 meters.
Such a drone will remain in the air for nine days, and according to the developers, 60 drones are enough to cover the surface of Britain completely.
British drone 1
The provision of 5G communication by stratospheric drones will be in partnership with existing mobile operators. The German operator Deutsche Telecom push the idea to provide communication services in this way was supported. Also, they intend to test this technology for Germany’s rural areas.; At this moment, the main problem to solve is how an extended does drone stays in the air offline.
British drone 2
Each drone can potentially replace about 200 base stations in use and cover an area of ​​140 sq / km, but air safety is a separate issue. The use of a large number of drones frequently in the air raises doubts among employees responsible for air transport safety.