The Complete Guide to Building a Digital Magazine That Would Target Entrepreneurs And Founders

We live a world of business enthusiasts that are highly talented and highly motivated to build something great that will deliver value to as many individuals they can reach.
However, they have the budget and the entrepreneurial mindset, but they do not have the idea. There are situations where they’ve come up with a good idea at one point or the other in their lives but do not know how to transform such an idea into a physical or digital product that can create a constant stream of income. Yes, now you’ve seen the picture – we’ve all been there.
Also, we have individuals with these ideas, and they’re ready to share it through their experience or just their natural knack for coming up with great ideas. But the challenge is finding a means where they get to educate people and get paid for sharing their thoughts.

The truth is there’s no better way to reach a wide range of audiences, grow a community, and yet be known as an industry leader in your niche.
Additionally, one of the best ways to get paid for your ideas is by having a mobile application of your own where users get to register and engage with a community of experts. They would also benefit by being able to learn about business ideas that they can launch and scale.
At Andromo, we’ve come you with this article to guide you on creating and launching an app that gives business ideas, and that also teaches how businesses can scale their idea and achieve success.
We will cover strategies that will enable you to brand your App as an authority and scale your App to reach a wide range of audiences in just a few months. You do not have to be a developer to launch your app on Google play. You won’t even write a line of code to build your App.

Establish a Unique Selling Point

An application that only gives business tips won’t be enough. The type that puts them through how to start such business and how to scale it would go a long way in impacting the success of your App, and that could be your unique selling point.

Integrate with books/checklists/online courses

One of the best ways you can have a very wide reach is to turn your App into a digital magazine.
We recommend that you leverage a content strategy that includes premium content and resources from crucial business experts in various niches such as e-commerce, online coaching, SaaS, copywriting, and Top-rated freelancers.
That’s not all. Contents that feature interviews and online sessions with these experts will be highly appreciated. These sessions can readily be found on YouTube and great online blog posts. Feel free to contact our support at Andromo if you have any questions..
Additionally, resources in the form of EBooks, checklists, and guides should be published continuously to deliver value to your app users. With this approach, you will be able to grow your app users to thousands within a very short time.

There’s even a huge possibility of growing your audience to hundreds of thousands or even millions within a year or two. We’ve helped over a million people build their businesses online without even writing a line of code with Andromo app builder.
You do not have to reinvent the wheel. You can model your App idea using our recommendations. If you can’t make custom videos yourself, you can pack your concept with lots of great resources and free online YouTube courses for people to learn. You have to be mindful of copyright laws when you’re using this approach.
Having grown many followers and installs on Google Play, you can start making money through in-app ads. The benefit of driving revenue through in-app ads is that you’re not only paid when the App is installed. You also get paid per click on the ad and per impression.
With time, your App will become one of the best resources if you want to get business ideas, tips, and even strategy to start and scale from proven approaches from successful entrepreneurs.
The end goal should be to create a platform where potential business enthusiasts can find useful resources to start and scale their business.

Share Relevant Content

We’ve discussed how you can make money on your App through in-app ads. But you even share valuable resources in your App in the form of interviews, resources to great online courses on YouTube. In-app online courses hosted on your App from yourself and successful business owners, checklists, cheatsheets, workshops, and webinars will also contribute significantly.

Build a strong content marketing strategy

Establish a strong content strategy that includes regular posts on business tips. Establish a feature on your App that allows user collaboration in the form of forums to exchange ideas, share their experiences, and even establish a community that is both engaging and enlightening.
The purpose is to create a strong marketing network through community building. Your app users will naturally share their experience and how your App is helping them achieve success. Everyone loves a success story, and we all can’t wait to share ours.