The Next Ten Years of Mobile Tech: New Frontiers

In 2017 we started to see an industry-wide cooling in smartphone and tablet sales. This is indicative of a maturing market and the birth of new frontiers for innovation. All the major tech companies understand this well and have positioned themselves on a trajectory that will define the next decade and beyond – services.

Big tech companies changing direction

Google, Apple, and Amazon are just some of the few big names to throw their hats into territory once dominated by the likes of Netflix, Microsoft, and many independent development companies. Google’s launched a cloud-powered gaming service they are calling Stadia. It’s a game streaming service that takes advantage of increasing internet speeds and the introduction of new generation networks such as 5G. If you missed their launch, you can watch it here.

Apple isn’t far behind. They’ve opted to go head-to-head in competition with Netflix by introducing their own on-demand video streaming service which will not only host original shows created for the platform but also provide access to content from other sources except Netflix. Apple pulled off all the stops during the event on March 25th, 2019, with a star-power packed show which included Oprah and Steven Spielberg.

Enabling new experiences

Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the devices which allow us to use these technologies are mere enablers of what’s truly in demand: personalized services. All this can only mean one thing and one thing only – apps are dead center in this new technological revolution, and you as a mobile app developer you are more and more in demand. The opportunities currently available in mobile app development are huge. People are searching for new ways to interact with the world, make work simpler and connect more easily with everything that matters to them.

Tech is facilitating new experiences. Neural networks, fintech, e-commerce, and similar services are making it possible for people to work, play and spend with ease from anywhere.

Innovate: think outside the box

Think of people in your local community who’d benefit from an app. It could be your local farmers, the schools in your district, real estate agents or others. All these people would benefit from utilizing big data-enabled apps that connect them with what matters in their fields.

Take the example of small scale farmers trying to sell their products but need to avoid traveling long distances to markets with the risk of failing to find buyers. An app that connects farmers in far-flung areas of the country with buyers would help them save money and generate more income. You, on the other hand, would have tapped into a market that is very lucrative with multiple monetization options.

Relevance over revenue

Many first-time mobile app developers place monetization before relevance. Any app that doesn’t solve any problem is useless and will eventually fail.

The problem with many first-time mobile app developers is that they place monetization before relevance. Any app that doesn’t solve any problem is useless and will eventually fail. Do game apps solve any problem? Yes! They get rid of boredom. You can see the evidence of this on the subway or bus and in many instances at the office (don’t snitch on your friends to your boss). E-commerce apps solve the problem of having to drive to the mall and walk through several stores to find what you’re looking for. Need I go further? I guess you understand what I’m talking about.

This is the same logic that Google, Amazon, and Apple are following. Google took notice of the growing number of online gamers and decided they want to capitalize on that. They are cutting into a market with a very active consumer base. Google’s doing what Amazon did to book publishers – rewriting the rules of the trade.

Now’s your chance to make a mark. Think outside the box and create something new. You’ve already got all the tools you need to get started with your Andromo account.

I’ll leave you with a very interesting thought. An old piano in an old house sat pretty much unused. It looked useless and worthless. Occasionally, children would strike the keys in an attempt to play but without any coherence. The piano made a discordant noise each time these kids tried to play. But when an experienced musician sat to play, it produced the most beautiful music ears have ever heard.

So go ahead and create something beautiful.


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