Apps Replacing Bulky Paperwork

When you travel alone or with family, especially with children, it’s become the norm to take a tablet or other mobile devices to keep busy on the journey. This is the same for pilots now, but don’t freak out – they’re definitely not watching Netflix or catching up on the latest basketball game or soccer match.

Before tablets were introduced to the cockpit, pilots had to carry cases full of paperwork and manuals to help them navigate the flight safely. Everything from weight computation, ordering fuel and managing the crew was done manually. But with the advent of apps that digitize their manuals and flight management tools, this has made their work so much easier, giving them more time to actually fly the plane than solve numerous mathematical problems throughout the flight.

There is another perk too – the flight bags were very heavy; taking reducing the paperwork reduces the weight of the plane and saves airlines quite some money at the end of the year. Not bad! Today, pilots can easily stay up to date on safety notices, order fuel or check the fastest, most efficient routes with just a swipe and tap.

Apps over Printed Documents

Although there’s controversy over whether an app can ever be as good as physical manuals and documents, it remains clear that the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In fact, the whole aircraft is a flying computer. And finding information is infinitely faster compared to having to manually scan through numerous pages looking for a single line of text. Apps provide speed, efficiency, and portability of data.

Get to work

As a developer, you should look into how you could solve a similar problem. Ebooks and audiobooks have threatened the publishing industry and caused the discontinuation of well-known printed publications such as the Reader’s Digest and others. Think of the education sector, there is so much opportunity there.

A lot of developers wonder what next app to create. Sometimes the opportunity is right in front of your nose. Have you thought of your local newspapers? How about school? You can develop apps for these institutions and gain both an income and crucial professional exposure.

So just as pilots nowadays can check operational notices with just a tap or click, you could power a change in another sector of the economy and make a real difference. The opportunities are endless.

Technology is evolving

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. And they will continue to evolve, getting better at every reiteration. Remember, the common email is barely 30 years old, but in a few years it has totally changed how we communicate – threatening a centuries-old practice of writing letters with extinction. Few millennials have sent mail via the post. And with social media, email is also slowly starting to evolve.

Have you got an app idea? Get to work fast! You never know what new trend your idea will spark. Go ahead, create something new with Andromo!


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