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Boost your App Revenue with Tapgage Interstitial Ads

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We added a new ad platform for our developers in Andromo 3.0.6: interstitial ads served up by Tapgage.

What are interstitial ads?

Interstitial ads are full-page ads that appear ‘between’ activities in your app. Since they really grab the user’s attention, they can be more effective than banner ads at generating clicks. However, you don’t want to show them too frequently, or you may risk annoying some users.

Screenshot showing a Tapgage interstitial ad

Screenshot of an interstitial ad

How often should you show an interstitial ad?

Unlike banner ads, which don’t interrupt the user’s flow through your app, interstitial ads occupy the full screen and need to be dismissed by the user. Although this can make them very effective, if shown too often they can become frustrating to your users. When choosing how often to show interstitials, you need to balance the increased revenue potential from showing more ads, with the possibility for decreased revenue potential from having fewer active users.

Since user tolerance for interstitials can vary greatly from one app to the next, there is no universal answer to this question. (You might even want to annoy your users a little bit in a free app when you also have a paid, ad-free version available.)

Andromo lets you set the minimum time between ads from 10 minutes to 24 hours. You should choose an appropriate interval based on how often you think your users would want to see an interstitial ad. Keep in mind that shorter times aren’t always better — setting this value too low may cause some users to uninstall your app, decreasing your app’s long term revenue potential.

Tapgage settings on the Monetization tab of the Andromo project settings

Experiment and use analytics

You may wish to experiment with different interval settings, and take advantage of the new app analytics to track how your users respond to the different versions.

If you have Google Analytics enabled in your app, an event will be generated whenever a Tapgage ad is shown. You can use the “Secondary dimension” feature in Google Analytics to differentiate your Tapgage ad impressions by activity (“screen name”), app version, and other useful metrics.

Tapgage events per activity in Google Analytics

Tapgage events per version in Google Analytics

All for the low price of…free

There is no additional charge to use interstitial ads. Simply sign up for a free account at, and enable the interstitial ads on the Monetization tab in your Andromo project settings.