Switching to the New App Analytics (a.k.a. Analytics v2)

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With Andromo 3.0.6, we’ve implemented the latest version of the Google Analytics library: Analytics v2.

This will give you access to better, more app-specific information, letting you track usage of your app as an App instead of as a Web site.

analytics overview

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics lets you measure user interactions with your app, anonymously tracking actions that the user performs, without ever sending any identifying information.

As your app is used, Google Analytics will track a wide variety of anonymous usage statistics, such as the number of visits to each activity within your application, and the average amount of time your users spent there. It can even report how often your users launch your app (look for “Recency” under “Engagement” and “Behavior” in the list of Google Analytics reports).

This can give you valuable insight into how your users interact with your apps, helping you make your apps even better.

New Preference Settings

We’ve also added a new preference setting to Andromo apps, giving users the ability to opt out of analytics tracking in the application. This helps ensure that all Andromo apps comply with the Google Analytics SDK Policy.

analytics prefs

Making the Switch

As of version 3.0.6 of Andromo, you need to use an App analytics code instead of a Web one — your old Web analytics UA-XXXXX-YY code will no longer work. If you were already using analytics in your Andromo apps, you MUST generate a new App tracking ID and update the settings in your project.

App property