Sneak Peek – Twitter Activity

By February 17, 2012No Comments

A twitter search for Andromo

It’s Friday, there’s snow on the ground here in Winnipeg, I’m drinking coffee, and I’m working on a new activity for Andromo apps, the Twitter Activity. Actually I’ve been working on this activity for the last few weeks. It’s not quite done, but it’s getting there. Time for a sneak peek…

Get all the tweets from one user

We’ve seen a lot of people of people using the RSS/Atom Activity to show tweets, but we just weren’t happy with the results. It works, but it’s not flexible enough and it doesn’t looks as visually appealing as it could. So we decided to create a dedicated activity for it. Making a dedicated activity gives us the ability to tailor the look and feel of the activity and the way it handles the data. We don’t have to worry about the data coming from another source, we know where it’s coming from and we know what to do with it.

We’re looking at three main types of Twitter feeds:

  1. Tweets from a single user
  2. The tweets from a user’s list
  3. The tweets that match a search.

These three types of feeds, or timelines, let you display a lot of different Twitter data. The list option is very flexible and lets you group multiple users into one timeline. Very useful is you wanted to group your office or a team together.

It's got pull to refresh support

As with any sneak peek we are still working on this activity so what actually gets released may not look anything like these screenshots, but you can at least the gist of the activity.

No comment on when it will be release, but we’re working on it and as soon as it’s done you’ll get a chance to play with it. Now I really should get back to the code…this activity isn’t going to write itself.