A few weeks ago I posted a sneak peek look at the New Dashboard’s List Style before that there was the Gallery style. This week I want to take a look at the new None style.

Let’s say you only wanted to have one activity within your app (I wouldn’t recommend it but there are reasons for doing it) in the old classic dashboard when you users started your app they would be greeted with the following:

Classic dashboard with one activity

Not that useful, fortunately we’ve addressed this with new Dashboard’s None style:

None Style

The None style is what you’d expect given the name…no dashboard, none whatsoever.

Here is what the same application would look like using the new None style:

Just the activity, no dashboard here

It’s just the activity. Instead of a dashboard your users will be sent straight to an activity that you specified. You can think of this default activity as your “home” activity.

The None style will of course support multiple activities:

Mutiple activities are still supported

In this type of an app the “home” button in the action bar will take you back to the activity that you have specified as your “home” activity.

While the None style may not be the most exciting of the new styles to detail in a blog post, it does provide you with the ability to create something in Andromo that was impossible before and will make certain Andromo applications much better.

That’s three new dashboard styles down and three more styles to go. See you next time!