We’ve been getting a lot of questions from our Andromo developers about the future of Amdromo and the new features we are planning. While I can’t go into too many details we did want to share a little bit of information.

One area of Andromo that we are working on improving right now is Andromo’s Dashboard. Those of you who have used Andromo will know that our current dashboard only allows for one layout or style:

Classic Dashboard

It’s not a bad layout, and with a few tweaks and images you can come up with some interesting designs.

But we realized that there were some limitations with our classic dashboard approach, namely how difficult it was to configure, and that only one “look” could be achieved. So we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new approach, which takes advantage of the best of the classic dashboard and makes it much easier to achieve different looks.

In this post I’m going to give a sneak peek at one (there are six styles in total) of the new looks we have designed for the dashboard:

The Gallery

The Gallery dashboard takes its visual queue from the index of Andromo’s Photo activity. It’s best suited for activity icons without transparency and lets you fit a lot of icons into a small area. The activity titles will (optionally) be displayed over the bottom portion of the activity icons on rectangle whose colour and level of transparency is controlled by the developer.

Note: We are still hard at work on this, so names, features, etc. may change before the update is released to the public.

Here is the first look at the new dashboard type with the same activity icons used in the classic screenshot above:

The Gallery Style

The Andromo image that you see in this screenshot is part of a new “logo area” supported by the new dashboards. It is an optional area where you can display a company logo, or any other graphic. The amount of space that the logo takes up is configurable by the developer.

The panel beneath the logo area scrolls to show more items, however the logo area does not scroll:

The panel scrolls

The Gallery dashboard also supports a different look when in landscape:

Landscape looks a bit different

As you can see the logo area is moved to the left side of the dashboard when in landscape orientation. This allows the logo to stay prominent while giving the activity buttons enough room to properly display the icons and text. The logo area is of course optional and can be enabled or disabled in either orientation.

In landscape the panel still scrolls allowing for a virtually unlimited amount of activities:

Scrolling all the way to Grandma's house

That’s it for this sneak peek at the new dashboard, I will post a few more looks at the other dashboard styles in the coming weeks.