The smartphone market in China declined by 15% over the past quarter, if you look at the situation year on year, and by 8%, if you look at the second quarter. There are only 83 smartphones were sold. It’s the first time when Huawei saw a decline in sales in China since 2014. Huawei delivered 34.2 million units. So far, Huawei’s share has dropped to 41.2% from 44.3% in the second quarter.
Vivo is in second place in China, and OPPO is in third; they also reduced their shares by 13% and 18%, respectively. The only player who showed growth in the third quarter was Xiaomi; its sales increased by 19% in annual terms. The fall in the market, according to experts, was expected, since already in August, Huawei’s sales channels began to empty, and there was no way to replace the missing product. iPhone sales in China have plummeted due to a lack of supply for next-generation 5G networks, but iPhone sales may change in the fourth quarter.