One of the top burning questions on every App developer’s mind is the promotion of App through Google Ads. Is it a viable option? Will I get a valuable ROI (Return on investment)?

App developers face enormous challenges, such as determining the type of App to build. They also face overwhelming challenges on how they could beat the overcrowded and highly competitive market. Additionally, they also find it challenging to choose development technology, among others, before developing an App. Other arising matters include play store standard compliance and useful to the target audience of their applications.

Google ads are one of the means some developers choose to promote their Apps. Google Ads is a pay per click (PPC) service that helps you increase the number of App downloads through sponsored links on Google platforms. Google refers to these ads as click to download or click to install ads; they are incorporated into the Google ad networks that end users utilize.

Will the promotion of your App through Google Ads yield productive results or not? This article will be discussing the pros and cons of using Google Ads to promote your App. At Andromo, we provide a solution that allows anyone to build a mobile app and monetize it even if they don’t have a tech background.

Wider reach

Many internet users can be reached through its AdWords on its platform, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Play Store, and Google search engine.
Google handles over 2 trillion searches per year, averaging 5 billion searches per day.
Whenever a potential user searches for a word or an App related to yours, your Ad comes up, which gives your App promotion better exposure and direct access to your App’s potential end-users.

Flexible cost

The cost of running Google Ads is flexible and manageable to accommodate your financial plans. The average price per install (CPI) for Android apps cost about $1.72 for Facebook and $2.53 for Twitter.
For App developers, running a cost practical and prudent Ad is very important. Google offers an effective strategy for developers and companies to control the cost of their Ads.
Companies and developers can decide to set a daily budget for their Ads based on the number of clicks they want, and the charges are strictly based on the number of clicks.

Easy Tracking On ROI

When using Google Ads to promote your App, Google has integrated a system to help you track the number of downloads you have without any hassle. This makes it easy to calculate the ROI if it is profitable or not based on your target and expectations. As a company or developer, there is a need to continually track the number of your App downloads to determine if the ads are profitable or yielding the desired result.

Google Ad Is Fast and Easy

Creating a Google Ad Is not a difficult task. There are free tutorial videos that will help you navigate the process of creating your campaign.

1. Creating a campaign to promote your App takes the following four simple steps;
2. Sign In to your play console.
3. Select an App.
4. On the left menu, select user Acquisition, then Google Ads campaigns, then click on New campaign.
5. You will be directed to Google Ads.
6. Follow the instructions displayed to finish your campaign; it’s as fast and as easy as that.

Accurate Timing

Google Ads help connect your App based on specific keywords and search queries, and specified times.

Helps You Build Brand Awareness

One advantage of promoting your App with Google Ads is that it’s not just about installing or downloading your App. It also helps to create more awareness about your brand simultaneously through the broad reach Google Ads offer.

You Pay Per Click

When you promote your App through Google Ads, you will be charged per click on your ad even if the user does not download your App. This may prove to be ineffective because, most times, not every click translates to a download. Also, anybody can click n your Ad, from competitors to researchers and even people with no intention of downloading the App.

Limited Data To Carry Out Competition analysis and performance tracking.

You will not have data to compare other companies’ or developers’ Ads performance because of Google’s privacy policy. Not having data to compare performance is a limitation.

Immediate Termination When Budget Is exhausted

Immediately your App promotion budget is exhausted, your campaign is automatically turned off. This seizes to reach your target audience; this means that your campaign’s longevity depends on your account, and whenever it is spent, the promotion is terminated automatically.

Google Ads Come With Limitations

If you decide to run a campaign through Google Ads, few restrictions may constrain what you have in mind. Limitations in terms of the number of character headlines and descriptions. To have a good ad, you must utilize your copy effectively to drive installation or downloads.

It Is Competitive

If your competitors are already running a similar campaign to yours, the cost per click rises, and if you cannot surpass the bid of your competitor. If you bid lower, your ad will not rank top and will be relegated. This makes advertisements through AdWords very competitive.


The decision to promote your App through Google Ads is a worthy investment for App development agencies and App developers. Through Google Ads, you can quickly reach a wider audience, get more installation or downloads. This is because of the wide range of reach Google provides through its platforms viz Gmail, YouTube, Google play store, and Google search engine but requires sustained investment to yield the required results.