In the new generation of iPhone, Apple abandoned the bundled headphones and charger. Ostensibly for the sake of lesser impact on the environment, although the real goals of Apple, of course, in question.

In any case, others will follow Apple. But not the fact that immediately. Earlier, there were rumors that the set with the flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 there will be no headphones either, but now other data has appeared.

According to the source, Samsung will indeed remove the usual AKG wired headphones from the set of new products,
but only to replace them with the complete Galaxy Buds Beyond fully wireless headphones!

On the one hand, this is too generous even for flagship smartphones.
On the other hand, Samsung has several reasons to do so.

Firstly, the failure of the Galaxy S20 line needs to be leveled by good sales of new products,
and they are technically not very different from the current models.
Secondly, with such a gift, Samsung will play in great contrast to Apple, and in 2022 it will be able to abandon the complete headphones altogether without any problems.

But for now, these are still rumors.