RootzWiki Says: Make Your Own App with Andromo App Maker

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The awesome just keeps on coming!

The good folk over at RootzWiki graced us with a cool article on Andromo today, titled: Make Your Own App with Andromo App Maker

Head on over there to read Scott Hawkins’ take on Andromo for yourself, but first check out this little snippet:

Andromo can help users build applications of all sorts, but where it really shines is with its ability to convert content that you may already have into a easy, useful Android app in no time flat. Have a pre-existing blog or website? Andromo is perfect for turning your site into a fully functional, 100% native Android app with ease.

Thanks Scott and RootzWiki – lots of cool Android info to check out over there.

When you’re done reading the article, why not take their advice and Make Your Own App with Andromo App Maker? It’s free and easy to do at