TECHnet Online Review of Andromo App Maker for Android

It’s been a big week for reviews here at Andromo. It’s nice to see the word starting to get out!

Check out the review of Andromo App Maker for Android by TECHnet Online here:

Here’s a little snippet that I rather enjoyed…

Your app, if it is the Free package, will contain ads. You can however, claim 50% of the Ad Revenue if you have a (Free) Admob account. This was one of the features that really puts it ahead of all of its competitors. With other online tools to make Android apps, the advert revenue will all go to the company. It is amazing that they will spilt the money 50/50 when even Amazon splits the money from its Kindle Blog service 30/70. If you have a Gold upgrade, you can either have all of the revenue, or you can remove ads altogether.

That is one of the cool things about Andromo for sure. Our goal is that tens of thousands of people make tens of thousands of apps. Sure it’s fun to just make Android apps, but it’s even better if you can make some money while you do it… That’s Andromo’s carrot.

Let us know if you run across any other reviews or writeups on Andromo!


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  1. Your link above keeps redirecting me to a legal page that does nothing, and doesn’t provide any way to continue to the article I clicked to read.

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