Move over, cookbooks! Mobile apps are the trending wave for people, especially foodies, who scour the web for food recipes. Moms no longer need fat tomes in the kitchen to deliver exquisite cuisine. Cooking and recipe apps are fan favorites among food lovers who use them daily.

The search volume across major search engines continues to grow for people looking for the right recipe apps that they need. Therefore, there’s a huge opportunity if you want an accessible way to build a business out of it.

his article aims to help you learn how to create an Android recipe app. You’ll also begin to make it popular among food geeks who love to try out new food recipes on the go.

Who Can Earn Money From a Food Recipes App For Android?

As long as they can learn how to make Android recipe apps, anyone can monetize their apps in various ways. “Anyone” means everyone, including chefs, cooks, foodies, health coaches, nutritionists, and of course, businesses.

There are no limitations to what anyone can earn when they successfully build a cookbook recipe app for Android. They may even choose to explore various food niches and specialize in one that catches their fancy.

Types of Food Recipe Apps to Aim For

Some types of recipe apps are highly intuitive and easy for most people to use. A quick search on the Google Play Store or the Google search engine shows that these are the best recipe app types according to foodies.

When creating a food recipes app for Android, it’s advisable to consider a variety of options before investing in a particular app. Various apps cater to various specific user needs.




Healthy Cooking Recipe App/h3>

Great for diet-conscious individuals

Green Kitchen


Grocery Shopping App

Best apps for you if you’d rather order groceries from home

Walmart Grocery

Pantry App

Excellent if you have some ingredients and need a recipe based on that



Recipe Collection App

Learn recipes from top chefs

Food Network


Recipe Cost Calculator App

Here’s a way to calculate what your food costs to prevent wasting ingredients

Fillet for Chefs

Recipe Database App

Keep your personalized recipes organized



Recipe Sharing App

Connect with a community to share and exchange recipe ideas



This chart provides a clearer idea of how these apps work. Every cookbook recipe app for Android or any other platform has better prospects when it begins with a clear purpose. Only then would it be safe to forge ahead with the development process for a food recipes app for Android.

Define Your Target Audience

Many app developers and entrepreneurs overlook this crucial detail. Understanding your target audience puts you in a better position to create the most beneficial recipe app for your users. There is a general audience that enjoys browsing food on social media and through various platforms. There’s also the audience that’ll prefer to use your app because it meets their needs.

Explore these user needs through comprehensive user stories. This way, you can help your audience better than if you merely assumed knowing their real needs.

Cooking Amateurs

People who are getting used to cooking are often a good target for recipe apps. They want handy information for a wide range of meals and resort to food blogs and YouTube videos to prepare a meal right.

Of course, they won’t mind an app to help them.

Fitness Enthusiasts

Health freaks are conscious of what they feed their body. Apps with healthy recipes are likely to resonate with them.
Your cookbook recipe app for Android could feature various recipes along with important health components, such as the calorific value. They’ll be happy to calculate their calorie intake for every meal.

Regular Diners

You can use the power of location-based services to figure out what eating places users mostly visit. What can you do with that? You could share the popular recipes from those places, encouraging the user to try it at home.


Some users are nomads, traveling from city to city around the world. They obviously won’t cook much but will enjoy an app that enables them to prepare food using what they have. That’s a sizeable audience.

Features of Your Cookbook Recipe App for Android

Your goal is likely to create the Android recipe app of the year; the one users see when they search the term “best recipe organizer app 2021 Android.” The simple trick is to include nifty features others don’t have.

A photo gallery is one feature that food lovers love to have on a recipe app. But, it would help if you innovated – users enjoy that. Here’s a list that can help your app stand out:

1. Video tutorials to give an in-depth explanation of cooking procedures.

2. Social sharing

3. Meal planner

4. Blog

It’s easier to get the user to give you their money when these features are available. The Andromo builder has a Recipes Template where users can substitute the content (with ease) with their own custom content. Otherwise, you can build your own recipes app from scratch.

Monetizing Your Food Recipes App For Android

With features in place, you need a way to bring in the money from your app. Using a codeless Android platform like Andromo, you can monetize your app by being in control of your ads. Digital ads drive global markets, plus, they’re everywhere.


The recipe app market is growing fast, and anyone can build a big business out of it. Food lovers always want to try out novel ways of cooking food.

Developing your own cookbook recipe app for Android is a great startup idea. Many online users may end up using your app as a great online source for exciting cuisines. Why not start building your app today with the Andromo platform? It’s probably the easiest answer to how to make an Android recipe app.