Andromo is a free online service for making Android apps without coding. With its visual approach, anyone can make a professional Android app and put it in front of an audience of millions.

Indigo Rose Software announces the public launch of Andromo, a free online app maker for creating 100% native Android apps without coding. To date, 40,121 beta-testers have built 53,561 apps with this new service available now at

Andromo users customize the appearance of their apps and add features by picking from a list of popular activities. Businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds can get creative by using Facebook and Twitter feeds, websites, interactive maps, Flickr photo galleries, and more. Companies that rely on customers contacting them for service or reservations can add ‘phone us’ or ’email us’ features to their apps. Bands and musicians can incorporate music players, soundboards, and YouTube videos to share music and performances with fans.

With over 850,000 Android devices activated every day, having an app that is specifically tailored to the Android platform is crucial. Entrepreneurs who want to communicate with Android users and maintain a following need to create reliable, 100% pure Android apps. Unlike cross-platform app makers, Andromo was designed to build professional Android apps that make full use of the interface and functions that are unique to Android devices.

Andromo users can profit from their apps in two ways, through advertising or through app sales. Andromo users share in 50% of the ad impression revenue generated by their apps. For those who want to sell their app, the ads can be removed for the introductory price of $99. Apps can be published for sale in the Google Play Android Market where they are placed in front of an audience of tens of millions.

“What app designers love most about Andromo is that they can create rock-solid Android apps with zero coding,” says Indigo Rose Software President Colin Adams. “Apps made with cross-platform app makers are frustrating for Android users because they don’t ‘get’ the way Android works, looks and feels. We generate no compromise apps specifically designed for Android devices.”

Andromo has been producing market-tested apps since its beta release, with 1,500+ apps already published in Google Play. New features are continually being added to the Andromo service.

To sign up to make Android apps for free, visit

About Indigo Rose Software and Andromo App Maker for Android

Andromo LogoAndromo is a trademark of Indigo Rose Software Corporation. Privately held, Indigo Rose Software has been creating award-winning software development tools since 1991. Our programming tools – AutoPlay Media Studio, Autorun MAX!, MSI Factory, Setup Factory, TrueUpdate, and Visual Patch – have been used to deliver software to hundreds of millions of systems worldwide.